Liberal Trolls

They abound everywhere. We commonly refer to them as “Trolls” these days, dark figures who inhabit all the media, waiting for a decent person with a brain to post something so they can rip it to shreds with vitriol and vile filth and epithets that usually make your skin crawl. Well, I guess my skin is getting thicker, because I like to (try) to put them in their place.

Recently, Governor Sarah Palin (former Governor of Alaska) made the Keynote speech at the CPAC convention in MD. After her speech, the liberal troll/haters were on their bandwagon drumming up the rhetoric to claim she’s a loser because she “Seemingly” dropped out of politics after the 2008 election. Excuse me? She just made a Keynote at a conservative convention, I’d hardly call that “Dropped out”. Secondly, I wrote this in response to the Troll:

Governor Palin served with great distinction in Alaska, and many things she predicted have come to pass. Even things she said about common ordinary things that are considered “Off limits” in this country (by the liberal elite) are so amazing that you just have to give the woman a lot of credit. She’s got smarts!

My favorite example is her mantra: “Drill baby – DRILL!” It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Let’s look at facts: Over the past 50 or so years it became so expensive and difficult to drill for oil in this country that we had to go to foreign countries to get our oil. Why? Because of the EPA primarily. They said we were ruining our environment. They tied up the oil companies so well with red tape that they had little choice except to make us dependent on foreign oil.

That right there is a bad thing and has National Security implications. Secondly, drilling for oil in third-world countries that have no EPA causes ecological DISASTERS in those countries. In Nigeria, routinely, there are oil spills 2-3x the size of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico a couple years back, and yet you never hear about it. Venezuela is just as bad, and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States (what we know as OPEC) are totalitarian regimes that use the money to support terrorism that comes back right to us and those people want to KILL us.

So, which would you rather have, drilling in our country where we have regulations to try to make it safe, and we can keep oil prices relatively low as a consequence, as well as employ thousands of Americans, and reduce our dependence on Third world countries that want to kill us – or do you think we should continue listening to the EPA and “Pretend” there are no side-effects? Most liberals cannot think. Most conservatives think these things through, that’s the KEY difference between us. I urge you to become one of the “Thinkers.” I pray the Lord opens your eyes today too, because this is only one of the truths that the progressives are hiding from the general population.



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