Are Things Getting Better?

As a Christian, I believe what the Bible says is true. We are a fallen race, filled with all kinds of sinful, selfish and self-centered behavior. If we listen to the “Intelligentsia” and the elite, those who, even in the United States, insist that we are evolving and getting better and that we’ll solve all our problems and that technology will provide the answer, if we listened to them we’d start to believe the world’s problems must be getting better – right?

An answer for those people is provided in the article linked. I have to admit I was a bit shocked by this data. As a Christian, I thought I knew the facts already. It appears, however, that we are getting worse.



3 thoughts on “Are Things Getting Better?

  1. Of course, it’s not just poverty that we can use as an example for how the human race is getting worse.

    In the 20th Century, more people were killed in wars, than in all of history – COMBINED – prior to that. In the 20th Century, more people were killed in Genocides than in all of history – COMBINED – prior to that. In the 20th Century, more Christians were martyred for their faith than all 1900 years prior to that – COMBINED.

    While these are all startling and perhaps horrifying statistics, let me give you the final kicker: In the 20th Century, more babies were killed by abortion than all those other numbers – COMBINED.

    • How I usually couch these startling facts, is in the context that at the turn of the 20th Century, the “Enlightened” class of people (the educated) believed that war was not going to happen anymore. They had bought into the lie of Darwinism, that we were getting better, and they believed that technology was here now to solve all human problems. They thought war was too expensive and no rational person would seriously consider war as a solution any longer.

      They forgot about von Clausewitz. They also forgot that three of the four largest countries (and economies) in Europe were ruled by cousins. The Kaiser in Germany wanted as much influence and economic gain as his cousin in England had due to the colonies and the lucrative trade carried on as a result of England’s merchant fleet. The Kaiser actually started Germany on a course towards the First World War as of about 1905.

      Another interesting note is that the same “Technology” which the enlightened saw as salvation for mankind became the means for killing people in far greater numbers than ever before.

      The final point I tell people is (as above) that we are not getting better. We are, in fact, getting worse.

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