Reverend Sharpton Rant

I’m using the term “Reverend” here very generously:

“…blacks suffer disproportionately from having to do work and not get the kind of wages that we need.
So we don’t want just a job, we want a job that pays, and pays so that we can take care of our families.”
– Al Sharpton

My comments:

This problem is so complex. There are no “Simple” solutions, no “Silver bullet.” We have to pick it apart, drill down. What do we know: The problem is not Slavery, it’s not Racism. It’s not any of our laws. On the contrary, the problem seems to have gotten worse under this President, so what can we say? Giving entitlements to folks tends to make them want to keep getting free stuff? On the other hand, should we let folks starve?

How many die of hunger – right here in the USA every day? That’s very difficult to say, since we are probably the most obese country on earth right now. But you see how the more you dig – the more you find you’re just scratching it and not finding an answer?

The only real answer is Jesus. The life of a Christian is the only answer to all this “Me first” and selfish and self-centered behavior we see everywhere we look in our society. On the one hand, we have the crooks in Govt ripping off the wealthy so they can pass tidbits along to the poor, meanwhile lining their pockets (and their buddies) with excess.

Personal accountability is almost dead in our society, morals are in the toilet, we kill babies and elderly with amazing ease. We sanction that in order to, and I will paraphrase from the Beatles here who were so much in the news of late: “Live the life of ease.” So, I say, the heart is the problem, SIN is the problem, we are all sinners, selfish and self-centered quite naturally, and a few of us, getting fewer all the time it seems, are saved sinners and realize what the problem is and how to fix it – but haven’t a chance at all of getting things fixed because we are being ruled by Political Correctness (what has commonly been referred to as “Newspeak” in reference to George Orwell’s timeless classic 1984).

I really think Dr. Ben Carson is on to the root of the problem there, attacking that key lie could be our greatest strategy for now.



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