Evolution Vs. Creation Debate


I wrote several responses to an ABCNews “Article” today that told us about “5 Things You Missed In the Evolution Vs. Creation Debate Last Night”.


“Science” was started by so-called “Religious” people. Some of the greatest scientists in all of history were Christians (Newton, Pascal, Leonardo da Vinci, etc..) and the United States was founded by folks who, if they weren’t “Sold out” Evangelical Christians, believed in God, a “Creator.” The “Laws” of Thermodynamics tell us that something complex cannot come from something less complex – it cannot happen. However, it says in the Bible – quite clearly – that Jesus turned “Water into wine.” Now – think about that. Water is less complex than wine. Wine requires _time_ to grow the grapes, harvest them, extract the juice, ferment it, and bottle it. Time. Jesus did it instantly. God – the true creator God of this Universe – has control over both matter AND time! It doesn’t get any more simple than that folks. God can simply make things – right now – and make them look any age He wants them to appear. That’s why, me personally, as a Scientist myself, I have no problem believing what the Bible says. To look around and argue based on physical and temporal evidence against a God who has control over those things is FOOLISH.

When talking about the Universe being “Purely physical” I responded to a person’s arguments:

Your physical principles that are the same “Everywhere” are not the same at the time of the so-called “Big Bang.” They break down. Ultimately, the Big Bang breaks down to a leap of faith to say that “Something came from nothing.” This is why for me personally, it makes a heck of a lot more sense to believe that “God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light.” You can think of “Light” in this instance as all forms of electromagnetic radiation, and since Dr. Einstein proved that matter and energy are really the same thing, in essence, in that first instance God created all of matter and energy, including all the physical principles that you so doggedly cling to.


3 thoughts on “Evolution Vs. Creation Debate

  1. It took me a while to believe what the Bible said about the age of the earth and the universe, but that’s only because I didn’t know or understand what the Bible said. Once I began studying the Bible and science, it all began to make a lot more sense. I think it’s easy to believe in the creation account once we examine the Biblical evidence along with scientific evidence, and your example of Jesus turning water into wine is a great illustration. I also like the example of when Jesus calmed the storm simply by saying, “Quite! Be still!”

  2. Yes, another great example of “Control over the creation.” It all boils down to Jesus’ authority. The world does not want to surrender to His authority. That is really the key issue in Christianity. Once I surrendered to Jesus, I realized I had no more objection to anything in the Bible either. I didn’t understand it, but I became willing to spend the rest of my life trying.

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