Legalizing Pot – Chuck Norris



Chuck Norris wrote a decent article on the Legalization of Marijuana:

My comments:

I agree that “Medical” Marijuana is not a problem. What is a problem is prescription abuse. But then we need to remember that when Viagra was released, it became the #1 Prescription drug in America in just a few short months. And it stayed that way for years! Pot doesn’t have that kind of appeal, but the underlying rationale is the same: If it feels good – do it.

Licentiousness is an understatement for what’s happening in America as values fly by the wayside and whole sections of the media are devoted to wild living, blatant sexuality of women exploited to such a degree we’ve never seen before! The real war on women is the one going on right now where they take turns degrading themselves – and their viewers – to shocking proportions. If you put all the pieces together, it fits with the real agenda of this President.

It should be obvious to any reader on TownHall that his only real agenda – ever – was to ruin America. If you take America down, then America will be able to do nothing to stop the Muslims from destroying Israel. It’s been about that plain to me for the past 4 years, I don’t know where the rest of y’all sit on that fence or if you believe it. Taking and turning a Superpower into a “Toadie” wasn’t easy, but the changes that have occurred have all tended in that direction. There’s no power left in the rhetoric and slime of the progressives, only filth, vile and putrid garbage.

They follow along behind him like he’s the Pied Piper or something, all the while not even realizing that filling your hedonistic pleasure sensors with all they can handle will never be enough, there IS NOT enough pleasure to satisfy anybody. That’s why the rest of us sane folks, many of us Christians anyhow, believe that we have to work to control those appetites, so they don’t control us. Licentiousness run amok. That’s pretty close. I call it planned ruination by the degrading and debasing of the collective mind of the American public.


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