Engage, Again I Say: ENGAGE!


Dr. Ben Carson put a post up on Facebook just now:

“The president’s declaration of his intent to bypass Congress to achieve various legislative goals is a slap in the face to all those who respect our Constitution and who truly understand the goal of liberty and justice for all. Obviously throughout the rollout of Obamacare he has already demonstrated a willingness to unilaterally change laws that should only be done at the legislative branch of government. The fact that he has not been challenged emboldens him and one can easily see that this could lead to a dramatic change in the way our country is governed in the future. While the free press would propose to be the guardian of liberty and the sentinel of truth, many no longer understand that concept and have become advocates of an ideology that opposes the ideas of the founders of this nation. In order to preserve the liberties and the opportunities that were envisioned by our founders, We The People must educate ourselves on our own accord without the alliance of the press.

“It is absolutely imperative that we as American citizens begin to get together and discuss exactly what kind of country they would like to pass on to their children for generations to come. We must determine if we are truly willing to fight for it. This means educating ourselves and engaging in discussions like in the pre revolutionary days. Unless us citizens of America take upon ourselves the responsibility to passionately live by our own Constitution, we will irreversibly under go fundamental change. It is truly up to us to change this troubling catastrophe.”

My response:

Amen.  Those of us who saw this coming have been preparing.  We have been studying, writing letters, arguing in the public square until we’re blue in the face.  We are faced with #Trolls at every turn, and they are nasty, use vile and foul language, call us every name imaginable, and they will stop at nothing to see their progressive agenda continued.  The President’s agenda, if you can call it that, is nothing more than socialism in a lightly veiled cover of “Equal opportunity.”

His track record speaks for itself though.  More folks on welfare now, more folks on food stamps, more folks who have left the work force, more folks who are miserable with a capital “M” !  And then there are the rest of us, scraping by sometimes on 1/3 – 1/2 what we were once making, we can’t keep up with the Jones’ because we lost our homes, and have no hope of ever getting back into a home with a mortgage and real property and such again.  I know there are a lot of folks like me, some of whom are still in those homes they bought and are far underwater still.

Then there are the #Unionhacks who are gonna get well treated under this President.  LIke the Ford dudes who yesterday got the largest profit sharing checks ever.  I ask you – what did the shareholders get?  Did they get treated well, did they get a #Windfall profit sharing check in the form of a one-time special dividend?  Nope.  Aren’t they the ones who really take all the risk though?  Our nation is being run by thugs – that should be plain for all to see.

We have Chicago style politics because that’s all that man truly knows or understands.  Strong arm tactics, threats, violence, intimidation, end-run tactics, divide and conquer tactics.  Say one thing, but do something completely different.  Keep the homies down in the ‘hood, don’t let them think anybody out there loves them or cares for them.  Make them think everyone hates them, that the right is filled with hate, when in reality, it’s the furthest thing from the truth.  But the right has bought into it too, they’ve believed the lie, that we are defeated, so many have retreated and won’t even engage any longer it’s pathetic.  Totally, fully, shamefully and truly pathetic.


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