What Is Truth?


I wrote a letter to one of my Pastors with some ideas the Lord has been giving me.

The Lord has been bouncing around this idea in my head lately about “Truth.”. Yes, like Pontius Pilate, “What is truth?”

I found some excellent commentary on:


That just got me to thinking about our modern society though, how most folks these days are just like Pilate, they don’t really want the answer, even if they do pretend to ask the question. They won’t bother to listen anymore than Pilate did either because they are too busy or preoccupied (or blind) or they don’t care since they’ve already made up their minds.

Did you see Pastor Zac’s Christmas messages (see below)? The last 2 were excellent, both of them. He sort of hit this same issue, though from a different perspective. He talked first about the surprise of the Magi, then about “Taking a different road.” That would be us – traveling a different road.

It describes us saved people because one way or another, we were chosen to be able to hear the answer to the question, the answer that is the real meaning of Christmas. Those commentaries that I read deal with that central issue, which Zac has hit before too, and which Pilate and the world should recognize, but they don’t: Authority.

Authority is the key issue in the gospel because as Pilate understood, he was a man under authority (like the Centurion of Matthew, Chp. 8), Pilate should have recognized the authority of Jesus to not only testify to the truth of all life and all things, but that Jesus Himself is truth. He did recognize it, I think, but a lifetime of politics and corruption had either dulled him or made him immune to the idea that he could give his allegiance to someone other than the power of Rome.

The power of Rome is the same as the world today, the pinnacle of man’s reason and philosophies of how we can govern ourselves, and decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. Sound familiar?


The Lord has been helping me lately to really see where the rubber meets the road for most people. Not that I’m not a “Roman road” kind of person, I am that too. I understand why we use the 10 Commandments (the law) with folks too, but I really struggle sometimes when I have to back it up with why (why repent, why submit, why God’s way is the only way).

I know our understanding of the gospel is imperfect, I have known that from the day I got saved. But I knew also that I would work on it and try to improve that understanding as time went on, and here we are, about 18-19 years later, 31 years clean and sober, and the Lord is giving me this level of understanding now.

Interesting post I just saw from Ray Comfort: “Which of the five senses is most important to you?” He asked. My response: “the sixth sense (feelings / emotions) seems most important to the world these days.” 🙂

But isn’t that true too? That “relying on my feelings” thing that people do is the same response as Pilate, dismissing Jesus as a mad man who could not possibly know anything about truth. Our world tells folks the same thing: Pilate believed after all, that power is truth, and might makes right.

Funny, but our Country, the United States was the only Country ever founded on the Idea that might should be used for right and not that other way (aside from a brief stint in England under King Arthur, but I’m not going to count that here). Our forefathers understood the corruption of the human heart, and that if we allowed politically minded men to “Rule” us that we would be in trouble. Isn’t that amazing?

Therefore, the question remains the same today as it was nearly 2,000 years ago: “What is truth?” What is your answer? Does it really matter?

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One thought on “What Is Truth?

  1. Here’s how my understanding has changed since I wrote this. I wrote this today as a comment on something a friend posted on FaceBook. It pretty much sums up the entire “Truth is truth” argument though.

    Folks always want to turn things around and make it about US! It is NOT about us – it’s about JESUS! It’s what He did, it’s who He is, it’s His power, it’s His righteousness that justifies us. It’s His plan for our future and eternity.

    The very first sign of a cult is usually that they have some kind of “Special revelation” that makes it NOT about Jesus. In the case of those with their “Prosperity” gospel, it’s a little less clear, but they have taken to making about themselves and not Jesus, so that’s a sure sign their message is corrupt.

    What Jesus did, only He could do. All other “Religions” out there, I tell folks, are trying to tell us that somehow we can get to Heaven under our own power. It boils down to there being some map or list that if you follow it, that will get you to Heaven. But the Bible clearly refutes that, and tells us that only Jesus can get us to Heaven. Jesus says: “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. ” in John 14:6. Clearly then, there is no other way to Heaven!

    And further we should argue that it’s not us Christians who are making this claim – but God Himself! We were the ones who sinned and blew it. And at the root of it, all sin is about rebellion against God, since we are deciding for ourselves what is right and what is wrong (there’s that authority thing again). Such that Jesus had to come, at just the right time, at just the right place, when all was set so that the message could reach the entire world and would be preserved for all time, that salvation is available, God has made a way to Heaven, through Jesus.

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