Merry Christmas – 2013

While this has not been the greatest of years, there is much to celebrate, and we rejoice!

Mainly we rejoice in the knowledge that our Savoir Jesus Christ came to earth, was born in a stable in humblest and most ordinary of circumstances to lead us all to repent of our sin, and turn to Him.  He delivers us from the evil of this world and makes it possible for us to be with Him forever in Heaven.  Truly, Jesus is the greatest gift of all, and the reason for the season!  Hallelujah!

I’ve been busy, too busy to get out and do any shopping, so I’m in a bit of a doghouse today.  Cheryl got cards out this past week.  We haven’t done much shopping, since there’s not much we need really, we did get out Sunday to look at an Antique sidewalk sale they have once a month in old town Torrance ( a couple towns over).  We found a fun little Cafe’ over there that served home-made Guatemalan Tamales, what a treat!  We’re planning on going back and taking our friends after some Sunday service, since that’s what we do a lot of the time is to be with our friends after church.

We got a new kitten and named her “Hope”.  She’s very cute, trouble with 4 legs we think sometimes too, but she’s sweet and likes being around us (and Rascals and Murphy).  She just has very sharp claws though… gotta learn to trim those regularly…  =)  She moves just about as fast as lightning some times too, so we have to keep an eye on her.

I will be teaching a class at our Church called:  “Abortion Is About God” based on materials from John Piper, sermons, conference speeches he’s given.  It’s also a survey filled with facts, figures, knowledge about the fight for the rights of the unborn.  Many are telling us we must be involved in the whole pro-life fight, the fight for the rights of the elderly are coming into the light big time in recent years, with the number of baby-boomers reaching retirement, and our parents dying by the thousands every day.

And there’s the fight for our Constitutional rights, it goes on…  Our Country is in deep trouble.  Keep praying!  We will – for sure.

We miss Colorado.  We’re very blessed to have been taken in to a wonderful Church family here since landing in Manhattan Beach.  I’ve been teaching Kindergarten this year, and may move “Up” to 3rd grade.  One thing we can always count on, eh?  Change!  Cheryl’s doing all kinds of volunteering, much mentoring and ministry at Church too.  We’re trying to figure out what kind of infection she’s got, something strange the last couple months, swollen lymph node on her left clavicle.  So far we’ve had an MRI, blood test, and mammogram, all seem to point to infection, not 100% sure yet…  praying and asking the Lord’s will on that for his healing, wisdom for us and for doctors (we have no health insurance still), and for ultimately his glory to be manifested in this and all aspects of our lives.

California is such a dark place to live in many ways, spiritual darkness that is.  We have been out evangelizing with teams from our church, and we tend to try and talk with folks wherever we go too.  We did some pro-life work out at our local community college this past semester with the evangelism team.  We were the “Life table.”  We’ve called ourselves “Hope For Life” as a reference to the church’s name:  Hope Chapel.  Cheryl has a heart for ministering to the women who’ve had abortions – there are many.  I agree, we must minister first, but also spread truth and the gospel.  The only real life changing force that can change folks’ minds about abortion is Jesus Christ!  So, we serve, and we share the good news wherever we go.  We always carry gospel tracts now (well, almost always…).  We hand them out to everybody.

God is good.  We would have never thought all this possible in light of the fact that 3 years ago we arrived here basically broke and homeless.  But here we are.

I just finished a paper for my most recent class at Hope Chapel Ministries Institute:  Romans.  I always post my papers on my blog if you wanna read it.  =)

God bless you all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!  We hope this coming year gets better – for all of us.  We pray in the knowledge of Jesus that the Father is firmly in control of all things and that He is working all things for the good of those who are called according to His purposes and that’s us!

Oh, and we’re still PFG – praying for grandkids.  Tally and Mike have been trying.  With God in control, we pray it will happen soon.  The rest of our kids…  Jenica was here for about 10 days, then went home, back to Colorado.  We had a chance to get out and show her a few fun sites while she was here.  She’s trying to get back on her own, taking her life back one piece at a time.  My son, is also working to get back on track with his life.  Justin?  Dunno.  We haven’t heard from him since he moved to Oregon, but now we think he’s in the Seattle area.

My mom is as well as can be expected, she’ living at Silverado Senior Community now, and has been there for about 7 months.  This is the first Christmas she has not been here at her house in over 50 years.  It’s hard for all of us to get used to.  She’s still happy and bubbly and has the same personality as always.  You just have to try to listen to her very carefully now, her sentences come out a bit garbled perhaps, but when I visit with her I can still get her laughing and joking about our memories of my life with her, and her earlier childhood memories.  She still likes to share and tell us about those things she remembers.  We will be heading over in a few to see her and share some Christmas dinner with her.

So, we are not entirely sure where the New Year will take us, exactly, we’re hanging in trying to keep following Jesus though!

I leave you with this thought:  The only answer for our world is a tiny baby boy born 2,000 years ago in a barn in Bethlehem.  He is what we all need.

Merry Christmas!


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