What Is Political Correctness?


Dr. Ben Carson posted something on Facebook the other day:

“The recent controversy over Phil Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty is
symptomatic in how society has migrated from the principles that founded
our nation. Our nation was founded by men who had strong Judeo
Christian beliefs. As we move away from that precise belief system
there are going to be more conflicts of this nature. The real question
we must ask ourselves is have we improved human nature to the point
where we no longer regard the Judeo Christian principles that founded
our nation as worthwhile. Additionally we must ask is it important for
people to be able to express their beliefs or more important to hide
their beliefs. Unless we can openly discuss these kinds of situations we
become a plastic society in which no one actually knows what anyone
truly stands for. It is time for us to grow up and act like mature
individuals who can discuss our differences hopefully and perhaps come
to some reasonable understanding. This controversy is the very reason I
rail so strongly against political correctness.

“Remember the words of Saul Salinsky the original community organizer who said
“Never to have a discussion with your adversary for that humanizes them
and your job is to demonize them”. Let us move away from this senseless
philosophy and begin to think of ways that we can uplift and encourage
each other and not tear each other down. This must be done through civil
and cogent discourse.”

My response to that:

If you have 2 people in a room, you have 2 opinions, and likely a
disagreement over much. The only way not to have conflict is not to
live. That alternative is not only unrealistic, it’s downright childish
to think about there being only “One opinion – and that’s all that’s valid (my own).”

While I am firmly and wholeheartedly Christian, and have a God-centered worldview, I
don’t think that folks who hold different opinions are any less people
for believing what they believe. I have difficulty with philosophies
that teach wrong beliefs, not people. I will always do my best to
convince anyone and everyone that Christianity is right and true and
perfect, but if I don’t convince you, it’s no skin off my neck. Jesus
calls me to be obedient, not to be the Messiah. He is in charge, not me.

What Salinsky says are the types of words used by soldiers fighting a
war: They demonize the enemy to make it easier to kill them, why
American G.I.’s in WWII referred to the enemy as “Krauts” and “Nips” so
they could more easily think of them as something evil that had to be
done away with. It’s unthinkable, however, that one would apply that
same logic to people in a peaceful society. In fact, it’s more than
unthinkable, it’s evil. Folks need to understand those evil motivations
behind political correctness. Until they do, we’re fighting an unseen
enemy that uses our own words against us.


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