Auspicious Date: 11-12-13?

Does anybody think that today’s date is somehow “Auspicious?” The Chinese are very much into numbers, and so were the Hebrews, many folks still are all over the world. Somehow they think that certain numbers in sequence, or in repetitive patterns suggest the day or date is “Different” or better than some other date.

Numerology has existed in many forms since humans began to count I should think. It’s quite a natural thing that numbers form patterns, or lack of patterns sometimes. To me, there’s nothing to it, just a bunch of interesting coincidences. There are other sets of coincidences that seemingly defy the imagination:

That one is really fun. But if you remember your recent history, you may recall that the Chinese started the Olympics in 2008 on 8/8/8. To them it was quite significant. To me, and probably most of the rest of the world, just another day. But then there was 11/11/11 just a couple years back. I heard from Cheryl that there were many folks who got married on that day, thinking it was “Cool” or something. Whatever.

I guess everyone has a fascination with numbers. I did note last year when it was 12/12/12 12:12, just because it was one of those rare coincidences. This year? I guess 11/12/13 14:15 was the big time on the clock worth noting. I was busy, I missed it. Did you?


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