The Power Of Seven

There are many strategies in the Pro-life movement. We attended a talk last night given at a local Church called “The Power Of Seven.” The premise is simple: The Pro-death crowd (variously known as pro-choice, pro-abort, so-called “Women’s Rights” activists and so forth) all share some common arguments that are quite easily debunked.

The process of debunking itself is not difficult, though it is somewhat tedious, and requires thought. In the heat of battle, when on the front lines, there is often no time to think on your feet, and thus the “Power Of Seven” is being brought out to Pro-life activists to prepare them in advance for their battle with the pro-death crowd on the front lines.

The organization who brought us the Power Of Seven:

The Power Of Seven notes:

The balance of the talk was given over to statistics, some Catholic slant on Abortion (it was, after all, a Catholic Church where we were) and a few facts about supposed Catholic Church members who support Abortion, and specifically the Abortion Industry as a whole. Those people include: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Joe Biden, as well as quite a number of others. There was discussion about “Catholics For Choice” (an organization of supposed Catholics who favor abortion as a means to control the population or something like that).

A comment I just made on Facebook to Ms. Abby Johnson, in reply to a post she made today:

Abortion should be a rallying issue for ALL Christians. There should be NO division on this issue. The issue is clear for all to see, who believe what God says: Abortion is murder. If you do not believe that then you are probably NOT a Christian.

Her original post:

“I do not have time for denominational fighting. I’m here to save babies and bring about conversion. If you are interested in anything else, then this may not be the page for you. Get focused.”

For the true Christian, those redeemed by the blood of Jesus on the cross at Calvary, those who have believed in their hearts and confessed with their lips that Jesus Christ is Lord, for those people, killing a pre-born child is now, always has been, and always will be murder. There is no way around it, an organism that has human genes is human. Killing a human organism, no matter at what stage of development is killing a human. There can be no justification for legalized abortion on demand.

My take on the Power Of Seven is that it is a very timely tool to aid us in the fight. We must be prepared – always – to state why we believe what we believe, and this tool equips the person who will encounter violent pro-death arguments on the streets or anywhere. I say “Violent pro-death” arguments to emphasize the point that anyone who is arguing for murder to be legal for any reason is therefore already promoting violence by what they are saying.


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