Global Warming – Solved!

The general idea is that global temperature measurements are primarily based on temperature sensing devices in cities. Cities themselves likely are getting warmer, as they have more light, thermal, water and chemical pollution. The thermal pollution could be coming from the amount of concrete and other insulating materials used to build cities. These “Insulators” absorb heat during the day and radiate it at night, thus giving the appearance of having increase low temperatures around them.

This is, however, extremely local in character and is strictly limited to cities and their immediate environs. The total land mass relative to the land area represented by cities is so large that any amount of “Thermal pollution” is diminished quickly as one gets away from the area where the temperatures are measured. Temperatures have been measured at city centers or areas where there is a significant amount of chance for thermal pollution to occur, such as airports, or harbors or such. We happen to live close to where temperature is recorded for one part of Los Angeles, just south of LAX.

I have noticed, ever since moving back here (near 3 years ago now) that the nighttime temperatures recorded at LAX are much of the time a few degrees higher than what I see on my thermometer in our back yard. We are probably a little closer to the ocean where we are, but I would guess that we are still within the same “Microclimate.” thus, for the longest time this puzzled me to no end. Those discrepancies in readings are consistent across all seasons pretty much.

Then last night it dawned on me that is a possible “Solution” to the Global Warming problem in that it is actually the source of the “false” temperature measurements. Those bad temperature readings get plugged into the Climate models and thus we have bad weather predictions. We are not seeing “global” increases in temperature but rather as cities get more and more concrete and other types of insulators around them their local temperature is increasing – especially at night when low temperatures are recorded. This variation due to the insulation effect quickly diminishes with distance from the city center. Our house is barely three miles south of LAX, and we have a lot less concrete around us in general.


7 thoughts on “Global Warming – Solved!

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  2. Could you please list a few of your most highly respected sources of information on climate change?

    • I am a Computer Scientist. I work in what folks would term “Deterministic” systems every day, all day, in fact, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But, I have worked with so-called “Climate” scientists in the past. I worked at a small company called MeteoStar that produced a package called “LEADS” back in the 1980′s. They were a spinoff from Lockheed-Martin where the original software was written. Then, I worked at the Polar Science Center which is part of the Applied Physics Lab on campus at University of Washington. There, I worked with folks who were monitoring ice movements, ice pack density, and so forth. I still have friends who travel to the South Pole every year, doing scientific research down there as well. All that just to say my credentials are not “Idiot.”

      The next part of what I will say is the part you don’t want to hear (or won’t hear depending). I am a Christian, and I believe that a Creator God built our Universe, our Galaxy and our Solar System as well as all the physical laws and so forth that govern how stuff works in this Universe. I do not personally believe that God built all this haphazardly or that He would build it such that things could be upset so easily as some of us humans might think.

      Now, as far as empirical evidence, I myself have none. I rely on the articles posted online by others who have have actually done “Hard” research into this area. I have posted articles before that I have enjoyed, and most of those are based in fact, e.g.:

      There was another I read recently that was just great:

      I didn’t read the whole article there, I believe that will actually become a book published later this year, but for now, I read the Executive Summary and found it fascinating.

      As I have stated before, I believe that man’s point of view on Global Warming where we have measured weather for the past 100-150 years or so, and accurately for about 1/2 of that, and then applied that to climate which by young earth creationists is around 6,000-10,000 years old, or by evolutionists is about 4.5Billion years old, either way, applying measurements from less than 0.01% – 0.000001% of the time of the earth and extrapolating that to account for and say you know what’s going to happen with climate is just idiocy. It’s a fallacy to think you can measure something for such a short time and know anything about it! There is evidence of so-called ice ages, global flooding, all kinds of things that we just have no understanding how they happened at all!

      Then, there is the notion that Global Warming is actually just a sinister plot to take over and control industry and people in order to more carefully track and analyze their movements and spending patterns. I find that most likely that Global Warming, and the flip side of Carbon Credits and such are simply socialist plots to gain control over industry, tap into the massive wealth represented in order to “Redistribute” wealth to developing nations. It’s all a bunch of humanist, secular hooey in other words in my book, simply “Dreamed up” by fools who think they know better how to run things than the rest of us. In reality, they are just pompous puffed up fools who have no belief in a Creator God and who think they can run things better than everyone else. As Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” These fools have been around before, and have tried to “Take over” and failed. They are around in various forms in every age. The most recent of which were Hitler, Stalin, and prior to that there were many in past ages who tried in various ways to take over everything.

      Anyhow, I could go on…

      Nobody disputes the fact that climate is variable. Certainly not me. That’s not the question. The only question is: “What causes it?” My thinking is that it simply happens due to factors that narrow-minded and foolish humanist centric so-called “Scientists” have failed to consider.

  3. The whole global warming thing is something I could spend a lot of time on, but, to keep it short, the whole thing is a hoax. There hasn’t been any global warming for over 15 years (and some are suggesting global cooling now), and the predictions associated with it have failed. Carbon is actually good for plants and other organisms, and climate change has been happening since the creation of the world. And even if there’s global warming, that’s ok. We just need to adapt to change like we’ve been doing since the beginning. There’s no reason for alarm or panic for the sake of those politicians who stand to benefit from the hysteria.

    • You know what I realized recently is that they are claiming that smog in China is going to make global warming worse. Um, people (I thought to myself), get a grip. When you put more hazy type stuff in the atmosphere, it means less sunshine gets through. Perhaps more is absorbed in the atmosphere, but that means less gets to the ground. Overall, the net effect must be like ash from a volcano in the atmosphere, which we know (from anecdotal evidence to be sure) causes cooling. Volcanoes such as Krakatoa put so much ash in the atmosphere that the earth was cooled for some years afterwards. Not to mention that volcano events prove also that the earth and our environment are shaped by cataclysmic events rather than long millions of years worth of gradual change. Modern “Science” is such a joke!

      • Excellent points.

        I like how you put “Science” in quotes. I usually refer to it as “secular science”, because, if one criticizes something like global warming, the believers try to control the language by claiming that we’re “anti-science”, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  4. I like that. I”m a dedicated Scientist, albeit a Computer Scientist. It’s mainly deterministic, although there are times when you’re building stuff that … well, I digress. I just wanted to say that I have visited places that show evidence of Biblical floods, as well as the cataclysms of which I speak. I have been to Mt. St. Helens many times, one time I took my kids and we drove around nearly the entire mountain. We went by Spirit Lake, we went to the observatory, and we also went and hiked and climbed in the Canyon on the east side of the mountain. Overall, it’s been reported that in one day, enough material was moved by Mt. St. Helens (ash, lahar flow, ice, mud, landslide, washouts, etc…) to fill the Grand Canyon! And it was a relatively small volcanic eruption! Imagine if humans were around when something like Mount Mazama (I think that’s the name for Yellowstone’s massive caldera) went off! We would not survive! It would be like Nuclear Winter for perhaps 10-20 years.

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