Global Warming Reconsidered


A letter I just sent to a friend:


This is the “Executive Summary” from a book just published titled:

_Climate Change Reconsidered II – Physical Science_

The Executive Summary is available online and is worth a read (about 5 pgs I believe, I’m reading it now).


The authors are many, and mainly scientists. The Heritage Foundation was involved, so you can bet this was about seeking truth, not hyperbole or hypocrisy, no exaggeration and no fudging data. They sought to point out (it sounds like) how the theory of Global Warming – being caused by activities of man – is not a very good theory, or perhaps it is not very well tested (yet).

I think they’ve applied some more rigorous testing to the theory and come to the conclusion that it is bad science.

What you must realize is that we all admit there is variation in Climate, nobody disputes that. What we are saying though is it’s preposterous to measure weather for a few dozens of years and apply that to Global climate and say you can tell that men have caused problems with Global climate! It’s the height of folly IMO, since it’s arrogant, humanist, secularist and denies (again) the existence of God and that His creation is better balanced than we can imagine.

Here’s something I wrote recently:

And another article I really like at Human Events:

Anyhow, was just worried that perhaps your judgement had been corrupted by too much CNN or some other such source of propaganda.


38 thoughts on “Global Warming Reconsidered

  1. May I assume that you cannot name a single organization of professional, working climate scientists you trust for information on climate change?

    • I am a Computer Scientist. I work in what folks would term “Deterministic” systems every day, all day, in fact, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But, I have worked with so-called “Climate” scientists in the past. I worked at a small company called MeteoStar that produced a package called “LEADS” back in the 1980’s. They were a spinoff from Lockheed-Martin where the original software was written. Then, I worked at the Polar Science Center which is part of the Applied Physics Lab on campus at University of Washington. There, I worked with folks who were monitoring ice movements, ice pack density, and so forth. I still have friends who travel to the South Pole every year, doing scientific research down there as well. All that just to say my credentials are not “Idiot.”

      The next part of what I will say is the part you don’t want to hear (or won’t hear depending). I am a Christian, and I believe that a Creator God built our Universe, our Galaxy and our Solar System as well as all the physical laws and so forth that govern how stuff works in this Universe. I do not personally believe that God built all this haphazardly or that He would build it such that things could be upset so easily as some of us humans might think.

      Now, as far as empirical evidence, I myself have none. I rely on the articles posted online by others have have actually done “Hard” research into this area. I have posted articles I before that I have enjoyed, and most of those are based in fact, e.g.:

      There was another I read recently that was just great:

      I didn’t read the whole article there, I believe that will actually become a book published later this year, but for now, I read the Executive Summary and found it fascinating.

      As I have stated before, I believe that man’s point of view on Global Warming where we have measured weather for the past 100-150 years or so, and accurately for about 1/2 of that, and then applied that to climate which by young earth creationists is around 6,000-10,000 years old, or by evolutionists is about 4.5Billion years old, either way, applying measurements from less than 0.01% – 0.000001% of the time of the earth and extrapolating that to account for and say you know what’s going to happen with climate is just idiocy. It’s a fallacy to think you can measure something for such a short time and know anything about it! There is evidence of so-called ice ages, global flooding, all kinds of things that we just have no understanding how they happened at all!

      Then, there is the notion that Global Warming is actually just a sinister plot to take over and control industry and people in order to more carefully track and analyze their movements and spending patterns. I find that most likely that Global Warming, and the flip side of Carbon Credits and such are simply socialist plots to gain control over industry, tap into the massive wealth represented in order to “Redistribute” wealth to developing nations. It’s all a bunch of humanist, secular hooey in other words in my book, simply “Dreamed up” by fools who think they know better how to run things than the rest of us. In reality, they are just pompous puffed up fools who have no belief in a Creator God and who think they can run things better than everyone else. As Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” These fools have been around before, and have tried to “Take over” and failed. They are around in various forms in every age. The most recent of which were Hitler, Stalin, and prior to that there were many in past ages who tried in various ways to take over everything.

      Anyhow, I could go on…

      Nobody disputes the fact that climate is variable. Certainly not me. That’s not the question. The only question is: “What causes it?” My thinking is that it simply happens due to factors that narrow-minded and foolish humanist centric so-called “Scientists” have failed to consider.

  2. Another blogger who has a bunch of “Current” measurements of this year’s historic ice coverage on the Great Lakes.

  3. Oh, I should comment on that last comment that I believe SOSOTUS to be quite in error on his comments. There still is no proof of Global Warming, the fact we have near record (and before it’s done probably record) ice coverage on the Great Lakes points to a colder year this year, in spite of all their other factors pointing to “Worsening climate” and so forth. Not one of their climate models predicted the severe winter we have had this year in the US, and in Europe it’s been very bad too.

    Just call me a skeptic, I believe in “Climate” which by definition is variable from year to year, that’s called weather. If you want to track “Climate change” then you better have a whole lot more evidence than 50-75 years worth of hard data. That’s hardly enough to predict the weather. Oh, I forgot, they can’t do that very well either.

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  5. A couple more interesting observations about this past winter in the US. Apparently, it was the coldest winter in a century. Just talked with a woman yesterday from Minneapolis, she said it got to -53f there this past year – that’s COLD! I spoke with another woman from our church who has a daughter at a school in North Dakota, it got to -60f there this past winter! Dang! That’s so cold, that if you have to go outside, if you have anything uncovered, it will freeze and get frostbite in a matter of minutes. Less than 5 minutes I should think. I’ve been in -40f cold, and that was very hard to take for long. You are OK going from car to building, or from building to building, but staying outdoors for any length of time in even that kind of cold is not very healthy for you.

  6. Here’s what I’ve been saying – exactly.

    Global CO2 levels in the atmosphere are at “All time highs.” And yet, ice coverage at the South Pole is at record levels, and we had the Great Lakes nearly 100% frozen over last year and lots of record low temps, and one of the coldest years on record (at least for the past 100 or so years) in the United States.

    Human Caused Global Warming is a farce!

  7. There must have been dozens of articles about a Walrus gathering on Alaskan beaches recently. Here’s my comments on an article at “The Daily Beast”.

    Article Link:


    The truth is, nobody knows why those Walruses are there. In a “Typical” year, there’s no sea ice anywhere around Alaska. This year is below the “Median” but there’s far more ice now than there was in 2012, and it’s already growing (the amount of ice) again.

  8. Recently, the Human Caused Global Warming alarmists have been telling me that the ocean is getting warmer. Specifically, they said the “Bottom of the ocean”. I told them that heat rises, and wondered how that could be? Well, turns out – they were wrong.

    The “Upper” currents are mixing, and changing, and shifting, and wind patterns change correspondingly, but this is consistent with “Natural” climate variation I keep on telling them, since Antarctic ice is actually at record levels, and Arctic ice is definitely increasing (since 2012, the low point), and CO2 in the atmosphere is still increasing! As many have pointed out, CO2 in the atmosphere may be caused by warmer temperatures, and not the other way around.

  9. One point I thought should be good to add to this discussion is the fact that this year’s Ice in the Arctic reached its highest level on Mar. 21, 2014, and it was the 5th highest on record!

    So, again, when you hear all the Baloney Sauce about “The ice is melting” just pay no attention to those “Chicken Littles”.

  10. Total Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice extent, as of 1/1/2015

    Total now, 9.9 MsqK
    Total avg., 7.4 MsqK

    Total now, 12.9 MsqK
    Total avg, 13.6 MsqK

    Total now, 22.8 MsqK
    Total avg., 21.0 MsqK

    1.8 / 21.0 = 8.5% over average.

    • Just 20 days later does make a difference:

      Total Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice extent, as of 1/20/2015

      Total now, 6.8 MsqK
      Total avg., 4.7 MsqK

      Total now, 13.7 MsqK
      Total avg, 14.5 MsqK

      Total now, 20.5 MsqK
      Total avg., 19.2 MsqK

      0.7/ 19.2 = 3.6% over average.

  11. Excellent Video from Prager University posted today!

    Though I might disagree with their “Age of the earth” I find no significant issues with the basic information presented in this video.

    Am I a “Young Earth” believer? Yes, and no. I find no significant reason to doubt that God can and possibly did create the earth at some recent date, perhaps 10-20,000 years in the recent past. God can do ANYTHING. We must not try to put Him in a box, or deny that He has ultimate power over this Universe and can make things right now that look and for all intents and purposes ARE old from our limited point of view. Jesus turned water into wine, in an instant, and that is our basic example for the “Power of God” right out of the Bible that tells us, He has power over matter (the physical) and time.

  12. Great article on the WSJ today:

    My comments I left:

    I’m a “Scientist” too, (Computer Scientist), but worked in an Atmospheric Science lab while I was working on my 2nd B.S. Deg. at the U. of Washington (Polar Science Research Center, APL), and I also worked for a small company that analyzed weather data daily right off the satellites (MeteoStar, spunoff from Lockheed-Martin, the folks who wrote LEADS). I know enough to know that there is simply not enough evidence to link the small amount of measured warming to human activities.

    It’s like trying to correlate the actions of a fly leaving your arm at the time a car goes by and saying that since the fly flew in the same direction (roughly) as the car, that the car caused the fly to go in that direction. The two MAY BE correlated, and may not be. There are obviously about a dozen or so other factors that come into play in that discussion, and there may be as many as 20 or 30 factors in the Climate Change discussion besides Carbon Dioxide (the so-called “Culprit” in Global Warming).

    To build too simplistic of models, and claim they give accurate results is a mistake often attributed to first year students, who in their naïveté set off to analyze their world but come up with arguments that often times sound as stupid as the flying fly example above. I’m not a “Climate Change” denier, and I don’t believer that any sane people actually do deny “Change”. All we’re saying is it’s a bit too simplistic to blame it all on one gas, or to claim “We did it!”

  13. Virtually every international global warming summit has been deemed the last chance for the world. Dismissing problems of world poverty, hunger, disease and terrorism, leaders have claimed that climate change is the world’s greatest problem.

    The climate data simply does not suggest that manmade global warming should be at the top of the list of concerns.


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