How We Respond

I have to ask forgiveness – again. I’ve been accused of sounding “Angry” lately. I must admit, given the events of this past month, I’ve been very angry. It’s difficult to watch the way things happen in DC and not be angry. But, I do have a response today.

I really think that we should do two things, at least. Every time we read the news and get angry at a news story, we should pray and ask for wisdom from the Lord to know how to respond properly. Then, if the Lord is telling us to respond by telling others why we’re angry, then we should also tell folks the better way to do things.

Dr. Carson said it so well the other day at the Values Voter Summit, he said that “O-care is like slavery, because it makes us, the people, subservient to the Government.” Then he also went on to say that “It was never about healthcare, but was always about CONTROL.”

Dr. Ben Carson then went on in that speech to quote Lenin who said something to the effect (the quote is variously worded, depending, the actual quote is probably not known in its original form) that “Socialized healthcare is the capstone in the arch that is Socialism.” My inference on that is since you now control something that people need from the time they are born, to the time they die, and it is a resource that in essence can determine whether they live or die, so you control the people – almost completely.

We’ll be headed – very quickly – to a single payer system, with the Government dictating prices, and doling out resources, limited resources, to those folks that have “Utility.” Now you can bet that they will “Favor” those they like and seek to not help those they dislike, just like the IRS scandal of recent months. Since, you guessed it, the IRS is in control of our healthcare now!

So, I’m praying for my Country again. Lord, help us. It seems we’ve lost our way. We have let the educational system become a tool in the hands of the enemies of freedom and democracy. We have allowed platitudes, and small rewards (bribes) take the place of freedom, diligence and hard work. We have allowed those who worship a cult of death to take the place of a belief in You Lord and the knowledge that all humans are created in Your image. We have lost our way Lord. Help us. Show us. Lead us. May I speak Your words of truth today. In Your name Jesus.


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