Government Shutdown

I went to the NOAA web site to check out the status of any Hurricanes in the forecast. I check every couple days or so, and when there’s an active Hurricane, I always track it carefully. Not that we’ll be in any danger or anything, I just like to be informed. Personal hobby? Anyhow, this is what I came across:

The entire NOAA web site is shut off from the public! They didn’t have to do that, obviously it’s a petty tantrum because they can. Seems like they’re trying to make us worried, eh? The nerve of those folks – crying about a few days off without pay! In the past 12 years my family and I suffered through 3 YEARS of unemployment! I think they can stand to feel the pinch a bit, don’t you?

I found a similar announcement on the USGS web site where I go to monitor the latest Earthquake activity every so often. Those Government types, they sure are a bunch of cry babies.

Earlier today, I posted a comment on the Washington Times about an article that talks about our WWII Veterans visiting the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. The “Park” is officially closed, but the Park Police are letting them move the barricades and enter to see the Memorial.


My comment:

God bless our Veterans. The “Greatest Generation” doesn’t have much time left, if I were there, I would personally remove the barriers for them to enter the Memorial. Those people are not a threat to anybody, that’s why common sense prevails, and the Park Police don’t mess with them. If people want to “Blame” somebody for the crisis, how about starting at the top with the Tyrant in the Whitehouse? Anytime, anyone, anywhere has the authority over people to take away their freedoms and “Decide” what’s best for them, we call that Tyranny. The “Tantrums” in the Whitehouse have been epic these past few months. I’m so ashamed that we even have to call that guy “President.” He’s manged to do more harm to our Country in 5 years than all the Presidents before him. On the flip-side, Ted Cruz did more in 21 hours, 19 minutes for our Country than my two Senators from CA have done in a combined 50+ years in the Senate!


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