Republicans Are Going To Hell?


An article that a friend commented on Facebook:

My comment:

This sounds suspiciously like peddling Jesus to get re-elected. Sounds like a Televangelist doesn’t it?

OK, I have various problems with Congressman Rangel’s views, besides that obvious one above.

1. Jesus’ stated instrument to carry out His will on earth, and to bring about His Kingdom is the Church. Period.
2. The Church, flawed as it may be because it’s made of people, is still the best thing going. It is far less corrupt (in general) than any Government out there.
3. The Government gets involved in “Entitlement” programs and turns it into “Redistribution of Wealth.” This arises out of a genuine desire to be “Fair” and to see “Justice” but the implementation gets flawed due to the inefficiency of “Charity on a Mass Scale” and the inherent corruptibility of unredeemed people. In the Church you have redeemed folks (mostly) who are supposed to be doing it because we love Jesus. In Government, if you have an arbitrary person deciding what’s “Fair” we call them either a Judge or a Tyrant. There is not much in between. Humans naturally become Tyrants in a hurry, especially when they get involved in bureaucracies where there is little accountability and large potential for gathering and abusing power.
4. Thus, “Charity” is best practiced in the Church, and on a local level, where needs can best be assessed and met.
5. There are those who still point out that during the “Great Depression” there were so many out of work that the Church was overwhelmed. This is true, but if you look carefully at photos, and study your history correctly, it was still Churches and Charitable Organizations who were operating “Soup Kitchens” and feeding everyone.
6. The “Government is responsible for saving everyone” mentality quickly becomes the idea that “We have to bail out companies when they get in trouble.” The correct answer to that is, of course, no – we don’t. If we let corporations get so big that they get top-heavy with excess bureaucracy and they suffer mis-management and fail, that is actually a good thing from Capitalism’s point of view! That IS the point of Capitalism in fact, to keep businesses lean and mean and quick to respond to changing market conditions!

I could go on, but I think I’ve covered enough of the “Basics.”


2 thoughts on “Republicans Are Going To Hell?

  1. All government spending is “redistribution of wealth”. Who it is distributed to is what matters from Christian values. Defense contractors are not friends of Jesus the Christ. If churches are so charitable why are so many people suffering and in need? They are either selfish or unable. WHICH IS IT?

    • “All government spending is “redistribution of wealth””

      Not all, per se. Social Security was supposed to be a “Savings” account managed by the government, and Medicare was supposed to be a pure “Transfer” account, coming from one taxpayer and going to another as each had needs. But, when it is “Your” turn, you are supposed to be able to draw from the same system. Somewhat like a “Medical Cost Sharing” but not exactly, because of the huge bureaucracy and inefficient (dead-weight) system behind it.

      “Defense contractors are not friends of Jesus the Christ.”

      I wouldn’t be so sure that defense contractors are not friends of Jesus Christ. Our Lord never told us _not_ to defend ourselves. The Sixth Commandment says “Do not murder” but for hundreds of years, folks thought it said: “Do not kill” which led to generations being misled into thinking we had to be not only pacifists, but sacrificial lambs like our Lord! Well, that was wrong. There are “Just” wars, as well there are justifiable reasons for killing someone, especially Capital Punishment.

      “If churches are so charitable…”

      The IRS tells us that “Christians” give just 2-3% of their gross income to the church. It’s pretty pathetic. I’m sure that number has declined over the years from what it was 150 years ago or so, and the fact is we have so much more GDP now that the number should actually be much higher. The basic reason so many suffer and are in need, is sin. Our world is dominated by sinful, selfish people, and they set the example the rest of most of us follow. Very few are actually “Charitable” towards their fellow man. It’s clearly not that we are unable. I wrote a spreadsheet some years back and sent it to Bill Gates that proved, he alone, could end world hunger! The reality is, of course, that he cannot, by virtue of the fact that you just cannot get the food to those who are starving because of a number of reasons, but all of which boil down to sinful, selfish humans.

      Do you remember the movie “Black Hawk Down”? The premise of that movie was that we needed to go in and remove one of the warlords in Mogadishu, who was hampering the flow of food to the starving millions in the interior of his country. The UN was getting whole shiploads of grain to the port, but the warlords were happily taking most of it and putting it into their warehouses and then selling it and making HUGE profits! The army went into try and get just one of those guys and it wound up a mess. There is simply no way we’re ever going to solve hunger, at least as far as I can see. And I actually don’t believe that Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg or whomever should be saddled with the burden of having to try to “Solve” the problem, it should be a solution we all participate in, so that we all do it together. But that ain’t ever gonna happen neither.

      Obviously, if there were a “Silver bullet” we would have conquered hunger and suffering long ago. It’s just not the plan for this world I’m afraid. Sin reigns here, and so does Satan. Suffering is actually part of God’s plan for us, in 1 Peter 4:12 Peter tells us: “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.” and later in v.16 he says: “Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name.” Suffering will happen. But, as we are Christians, our suffering produces hope as Paul tells us in Romans 5:3-4.

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