Why Are The Rich Getting Richer?

OK, so I’m not a Socialist, I’m a Capitalist. But, I have to admit that this bothers me – a lot. Why do the rich keep getting richer? I read a quote several years back on the web site for the Gesundheit Institute (Patch Adams). The quote:

“The world’s richest 360 people have the same amount of money as the poorest 2.4 billion people.”

Then, yesterday, Forbes released its annual “Richest 400 Americans” list.


I wrote a couple things in response to this:

An “Open” letter to the President:

Dear President Obama –

Your version of “Change” sucks. The rich are getting richer, apparently the bottom 1/2 of our Country is now on Food Stamps. Could you please resign or admit that you don’t know anything about anything?

And my own personal feeling is this: I think it obligates us to figure out why the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer?

Does anybody want to venture some thoughts? Anybody?

I have some thoughts, but I really want to know if anybody else has ever considered this, and whether they consider it a problem of course, and also anything we can do about it? Should we do anything about it?

Obviously, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I am not worried for myself. I keep asking and praying to the Lord to not make me “Wealthy.” This, I tell folks all the time, is a relative thing and I know that. We live in the most wealthy Nation that the world (probably) has ever seen. If those top 400 people in America are responsible for $2T worth of wealth, and if that represents a significant portion of our total wealth in this Country, or as Patch Adams points out, it surely represents as much wealth as the bottom half has, then I think the starting point for the discussion needs to be the simple question: “How can this be?” How did those wealthy individuals amass all that wealth, while the bottom portion of the economy, the poor and the lower middle class, how did they lose so much, or fail to amass anything like they should be doing in a free society with ample jobs and opportunity for all?


3 thoughts on “Why Are The Rich Getting Richer?

  1. Yes, the poor are getting poorer. At least more numerous:


    that doesn’t mean necessarily that they are getting poorer, but I read also today that median income (which shrank in the past 5 years) as well as household income have not grown in this past year. Goes along with what we’ve been saying all along, there has been no “Real recovery” in the past 5 years since there never was what has come to be called a “Jobs recovery.”

  2. Replied to a comment made by Governor Huckabee today on Facebook:

    “I agree, mostly. I still have a problem with the rich getting, well, richer. Not by itself, but when coupled with the fact that apparently the poor are getting either poorer or more dependent on the Government, then you have a PROBLEM. My biggest question this week is how did it come to this? Why, when times are seemingly good (since the rich are getting richer) do the poor get poorer? What the HECK is going on? I have several answers, but I want others to RESPOND!”

    Original post:

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