It’s Painful

My Credit Card (Debit) card was stolen – again. It’s never left my wallet, and I have always been VERY careful with it. I’ve only had this one about 9 or 10 months. It was stolen (the number off it anyhow) last year, and USED at a gas station about 35 miles from here. In order to use it at a gas station, you must have it on a physical card, so there are thieves out there who have magstripe writers. Scary, eh? This time, the bank called me this a.m. and reported a possible fraudulent charge, so I assumed it was because Cheryl is in Vietnam. It wasn’t, my card is mine, and hers is hers.

So, somehow, probably my card number gets hacked out of accounts online, and is never detected. How much of the Credit Card hacking goes by undetected? Well, twice in 12 months is pretty bad. I use my card online probably 5-6 or sometimes more times a week. It’s used to pay bills as well as to make purchases. I’m going to try and use Paypal more if I can, and also to be even more careful with the number. I always make sure the page I’m using has https (Secure-HTTP) turned on, and that when I swipe it at gas stations and such, that there aren’t any readers hanging out in the magstripe reader slot. I’ve never actually seen one of those, but they’re apparently slim enough to slide right into the slot and work in place of the actual one.

Anyhow, it’s getting scarier out there for sure, to try and do bills, purchases and banking online. I’m not happy with the alternative, we already don’t have any checks – we are on a cash basis for pretty much everything else (we do use our debit card, but NO credit cards!).


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