MLK – I Have A Dream – 50 Years Later

Racism is not dead in America, but it is merely a specter of what it once was. The “Race-baiters” run around telling us that everyone’s being discriminated against. This keeps the poor, uneducated inner-city folks feeling like they are “Victims” and they can be controlled with fear rather easily that way. The “Entitlement” system we currently have is closely linked with the “Victimization” routines being played out by the left.

If you keep folks convinced they have been “Victims” and you then “Reward” them for their believing what you say, they will likely follow you blindly and dumbly, never questioning a thing you say, since you backed up what you said with “Action.” It matters not that the so-called action was a pitiful attempt to “Buy” them off (beads to the natives), it is still perceived as a payoff on a debt owed. How utterly contemptible has our politics in this Country gotten.

It’s so sick, I don’t even hardly recognize this as America any longer. I have been ashamed of this Country since the day the current President was re-elected, and I haven’t stopped weeping and praying since. We are on the ropes people. The liberal left hi-jacked MLK’s legacy again today for their nefarious purposes, when in fact they had nothing to do with Civil Rights or the freeing of the slaves to begin with!


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