What’s The Point?

A friend on Facebook, called it “Facistbook” this morning, and said that Conservatives will likely wind up somewhere else discussing only with other Conservatives, and that the liberals will wind up owning Facebook.

My response:


The whole point of a non-biased discussion is to teach truth to those who have NOT made up their minds. The truth is not what you or I say it is, it is historical, verifiable, accurately reported and free from opinion. Such as, the truth is this Country was founded as a Christian Nation. The “Creator God” is all over the Declaration of Independence, as well the 3-part Government idea comes from the notion that our God exists in 3 parts (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the work is divided among them.

This is truth that was taught in text books to kids in grammar school up until about 70 years ago. The truth is that we have been invaded and just about taken over by evil forces that would seek to turn us away from a loving God, and that we are now in the midst of one of the most depraved cultures that ever existed.

The truth is that God will not be mocked, and I don’t expect this Country will last much longer in its present form. We share truth with people to warn them that they cannot get away with thumbing their noses at God for very long. What a man sows, so shall he reap.

But, it isn’t too late, folks can repent (change sides, turn around, fall on their knees before God) and trust in His Son Jesus (have faith, put their trust in His provision, surrender their will to His). Only then can we heal the blight that has been put on our land where the wealthy prosper, and the lazy and slothful are allowed to “Exist” in some semi-slave like state called welfare and food stamps.

Only then will we turn away from the notion that the lottery is better than hard work. Only then will we realize that all lives are valued in the eyes of God. Only then will we realize how truly evil our own hearts can be, and how wicked and cruel actions can result from that evil inside. Lord, turn our hearts to you today I pray in Jesus’ name.


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