America’s Second Civil War

I read an article by that title and left a rather long comment.

Article link:

My comment:


Hmmm… I’m still trying to figure Clausewitz in here somewhere. What he said (loosely) was that “Military might can be used to exert National Policy.” What we are seeing is an ever-increasing weight of Government bureaucracy trying to tell us that they can do things better for us than we can do for ourselves. We know this is false, because they bring up examples such as the USPS and the DMV to tell us how well their “Government Run Healthcare” will work for us.

If you’re a thinking person, you actually laugh at their arguments – right in their faces. The USPS once was a thriving, well-run organization that took to its task with bravado and efficiency. Out of that were born the Pony Express, and Air Mail and all kinds of innovations that helped shrink the globe and improve communications in general.

The DMV never is, nor ever will be an efficient organization, due to the inherent waste involved in its organizational hierarchy. First, it has no clear mission. Nominally, it is charged with titling and registration of vehicles, but they do so many other things at most DMV offices that you can run in there and get a Marriage License at some facilities, and at most you can deposit your vote, at others you can get Driver’s Licenses and others you cannot. In some cases you can even get a Liquor license! What’s my point? The point is because nobody knows all they do, their provision of services is marginally efficient – at best.

They are not charged with enforcing any of their duties, although they may send out threatening letters, and they may suspend licenses, this hampers criminals not at all, and others provides merely a nuisance to their daily routine. I could go on for days on the uselessness of the DMV in the first place. Why we need pay taxes on vehicles is beyond me, it’s because of the inability to gather “use” taxes for roadways I guess, but all taxes should be paid based on USAGE or SPENDAGE and not income in the first place. But I digress.

I was saying that I don’t see Clausewitz in here because I don’t actually see the application of MILITARY force here, not yet anyhow. We are suffering (increasingly) under the boot of a Tyrant, that is true, and I believe it is his intention to set the Government up as a somewhat “Big Brother” that not only watches over us to protect us and guard us, but to corral us and prevent us from doing things deemed “Not desirable.” Thus we have attacks on our basic liberties, such as Religious freedom and Gun Rights.

The only solution I see coming is Impeachment. We must band together, all of us, stand up and stop being divided by the guy in the Whitehouse, thinking we must tiptoe around the issues because of Political Correctness. I don’t dislike the man because he’s black, or 1/2 black, or 1/4 black, or whatever, I dislike him because he’s EVIL! He is against the basic principles this Country was founded upon, and he’s trying to keep us divided long enough so he can rewrite the Government into total control over our lives! America needs to WAKE UP! Americans need to RISE UP! Christians need to PRAY UP! Then we can all say: “Let’s ROLL!”


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