Letter To Joel Rosenberg

Mr. Rosenberg –

I have read your blog for the past couple years and find it fascinating. I have been aware of your writings (your books) for some time longer. I have one of your books, though have not had the time to read it quite yet. I do, however, read my Bible every day, and I study it as well as I can to try and learn as much about our God as I can, and I also consider myself a “Student of History.”

I have been a Christian now for a little over 18 years. But I have studied WWII for most of my life, starting when I was about 10, when I read the _History of the United States Navy in WWII_ (Samuel Elliot Morrison). It was actually a compilation of stories, but I was hooked! Since then, I’ve read hundreds of books on WWII, from first hand accounts, to Zhukov’s personal history of the Russian campaigns. I have also read some accounts by various Jewish survivors, and others who perished in the NAZI death camps. I have read about the Japanese “Rape of Nanking” as well as a book called “War’s End” by Charles Sweeney (Pilot of “Bock’s Car” – the plane that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki).

I have read some of the anti-war drivel produced in the past 50 years as well. But it was just a few short years ago that I accidentally got introduced to Barbara Tuchman’s writings. Ms. Tuchman’s works received two Pulitzer Prizes, and if you are familiar with her work I’m sure you understand why. The first book I read was _The Zimmerman Telegram_ which pulled me in to the First World War as I had never understood it quite before. As I read her works, especially _The Guns of August_ and others such as _The Ivory Tower_ I started to realize that WWI and WWII really were the same war, separated by 20 years of so-called peace, during which the World’s financial markets nearly melted down due to the horrible situation imposed on Germany following the First World War.

I would hardly dare to comment on history as a whole, I am not a trained “Historian.” However, following that revelation, that WWI and WWII were really the same war, fought for pretty much the same reasons, I started looking back further, especially after discovering the “Dreyfus Affair.” I started investigating the roots of Antisemitism. I found that it is not only a modern disease, rather it has been with us since the beginning, since God called Abraham out of Ur essentially. While it didn’t rear its ugly head until the Exodus, it was there all along, petty jealousy perhaps towards a people called by God to be His “Chosen” people.

During the period following Christ’s death on the cross at Calvary, Antisemitism continued, it grew in fact, and was evident even before the Crusades. There were Pogroms starting very early, touched off by the call for the First Crusade (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogroms_of_1096). What I found interesting is that Antisemitism continued in Europe throughout the modern period, even surviving the Reformation of the Church (Martin Luther was a strong Antisemitic).

It continued in fact, up until the “Height” of the Golden Age, and then you have in France the Dreyfus Affair which nearly divided France in two! I was shocked to discover that back then it was the Liberals who came to the aid of a young Jewish Artillery Officer who had been accused of spying – for Germany (1891-2). The charges were baseless, and the “Trial” was drummed up, no evidence was presented and the poor unfortunate fellow was sent to Devil’s Island to live out his life in permanent exile and isolation. In fact, it was his Superior who was spying, and the French Army knew it, but even after that fact was discovered, they left him to rot in the prison which gave rise to Emile Zola’s famous “Crusade” for the young Officer.

The Dreyfus Affair might have remained relatively obscure in History were it not for the fact that because of the International attention gained by the trial, and the renewed Antisemitism it brought to Europe, the Jewish peoples realized that they must somehow get back together and “Make a plan” for their shared future. The “First Zionist Congress” convened in 1897 in the Hague (with representatives from 17 nations) and in my opinion leads directly the re-establishment of the modern State of Israel – almost exactly 50 years later. WWII and the Holocaust were indeed awful, but the seeds of today’s Israel trace directly to that First Zionist Congress, quite some years prior to the war.

So, now what is my point? When I realized all this, and put the facts together, I realized that the Antisemitism we witness by looking backwards in History can be none other than the “Hand of God” testing, refining, and preparing His People for their eventual return to “The Promised Land.” Are “His” People really just the Jews anymore? Hardly, we all of us Christians are now part of that “Chosen People” as well, grafted in by the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. The real “Test” of God is whether Christians will now realize all this and whether they will support Israel and whether our hearts are prepared to “Follow Him” completely. If He brought about the return to the Promised Land, then shouldn’t Christians be there, be emigrating there in droves also?

We played that game the other night in our small group, asking each other where we would live if we could live anywhere at all. Without hesitation I chose Israel. The other real question is how many Christians will awaken to the fact that the Jews are our brothers? They are the “Children of Promise” and the fact that the promise was delivered doesn’t negate that at all. Jesus is indeed the promise, and the Church may in fact be the final “Temple” but it’s very difficult to know for sure (obviously). I’m sure you’re familiar with the Temple Mount Faithful, who attempt to take the cornerstone for the “Final Temple” up Mt. Moriah each year.

I don’t really have a summary on all this, my thinking is not crystal on most of it. But this is my analysis. WWII and the Holocaust are indeed a terrible reminder that modern technology allows us to kill one another with brutality unmatched in any prior generation or any other time period in history. But they are not the beginning nor the end of the plan of God for our world. I was fortunate to get somewhat of a glimpse of the workings of our God through history, through key events that may be revealing to us the fact of history coming to a close.

I pray for your efforts. Your works are highly praised by many. I hope sometime soon I can read the book I have on my shelf. I am, as everyone in the US, constantly busy and pulled in a dozen different directions. I read a lot though. I am currently reading a book about the war between Germany and Russia (1941-45) written by a British Historian and Statesman (Alan Clark, _Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-45_). I find it intensely fascinating even still, some 43 years after I read my first book on WWII to read about the battles, the decisions, the “Fog of War” and how arrogance and pride play out in these things. Hitler may not have been “The Antichrist” but he certainly personified the “Spirit of Antichrist.”

As we look now towards the time when “The Man of Lawlessness” will be revealed, and how the “Great Lie” will play out in our world, I think it even more important to study history and try to see God’s hand and where He is leading and guiding our world. Obviously, it’s headed towards the conclusion, our only question is “Will it catch us unawares, or will we be ready?”

I thank you for listening, and for your time.

God bless you!


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