Is This The End?

A friend posted a link to an article on Facebook about the “End Times.”

Article link:

Her question was the following:

Do we NEED World War III?


My answer:

The “Prince of the Air” is in control here on earth. Things are likely to get worse. The signs all point to we are near the end of the “End times.” We’ve been in the end times since Jesus rose again, so you have to take that for what it’s worth. The opinions are all over the board. On the one side, you have Hank Hanegraaf and the “Preterist” viewpoint. On the other, you have Christians all over the place on whether it will be pre-trib, post-trib, or mid-trib, and then you have the worldly folks who think the world is all hunky dory and we’re going in the right direction (right to Hell you mean?).

2 Cor 4:4 is one of my “Key” verses. When my eyes were opened, it really startled me how many are blinded and don’t see the world for what it really is. There is so much more than we can see… Right now, it appears the God of this age is winning, but we forget that Christianity is the fastest growing “Religion” on earth right now, in Africa, Asia, South America. Only in Europe and N. America is it dying. We are the “Post Christian” society, and we are being run amok by those in power currently.

The funny thing is they don’t realize they are being used as tools by the Muslims to enslave everyone to Government handouts, that keeps them easily under control, and then we have everyone else playing the blame game, be it racism, anti-Government or what-have-you. Folks have to learn that as long as we are saying “It’s their fault!” instead of taking responsibility and fixing what we can fix in our little circle of the planet, then only Satan wins. His strategy, Divide and Conquer, is the oldest strategy in War, and it’s as effective today as it was at the start.

All he (Satan) has to do is tell them a few lies, mixed with some truth, and keep them fighting one another, that keeps them “Fooled” into thinking they’re making progress solving things for the next generation, when all they’re doing is keeping the demand high for seats on the train to Hell. I’ve never made up my mind whether our President is THE Antichrist. I think we may be near the time when “The man of lawlessness will be revealed.” I’m not sure, since none of us will know the time.

We are surely in a time of great upheaval. I think we have to look at the fact that over a BILLION babies have been murdered through abortion and say that God won’t allow that to go on much longer. We have doomed ourselves, and for what? The whole issue of abortion is like a perfect case study of sinful behavior. The root issue in abortion is the exact same issue as in the Garden of Eden. Satan promised Eve she would be “Like God – knowing good and evil.” What he really meant was that we would be able to DECIDE what is right and wrong.

Or should I say, we would fool ourselves into believing that we can decide what is right and wrong? Since God will not be mocked, we all of us will be held responsible for the killing of all those babies. The only thing that can possibly save us is faith in Jesus. Just like in OT times though, it’s clear that many who claim to be “Christians” will not be saved. “Your righteousness must surpass that of the Pharisees” Jesus said. I don’t think very many of us pass that test.

So who can be saved? The issue is a heart issue really. That was the key mistake the Pharisees made, thinking it was all about externalities. Their “Faith” was really just legalism, passing itself off as “Religion.” Thinking that if you pleased God with your behavior on the outside, it didn’t matter whether you were really good enough or not.

Sad. Sad. I commented elsewhere this week about this issue that “Truth without love is legalism… Love without truth is license.” We see both types prevalent these days. Neither will get you to Heaven on your own power. Jesus wants hearts surrendered to Him, and His answer to both of these is GRACE. Paul brings this message so clearly in Romans, it’s almost like we should re-read Romans every week to be sure we’re following the TRUE Gospel message.

I look around all the time and think “Why did He pick me?” It’s almost like the combat survivor syndrome: “Why did I survive and not get cut down by all those machine-gun bullets, when so many good people fell all around me?” We can’t know why He called us, and not others. It’s not our “Privilege” either to get to know why – before we get to Heaven. We simply must continue down the road He has called us to travel.

The question I ask myself daily is “Can I, on my own, possibly fight the God of this age?” The answer is always the same: NO! Without Jesus, I am nothing, I am TOAST! I need Him, more than I need air to breathe, more than food, more than water. Without Jesus there simply is no hope, nothing, no reason to live, life is pure meaninglessness. There are many out there fooled into believing that they have some purpose or other without Christ, I pity them.


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