Are You Wishy Washy?

I saw a post on Facebook the other day where the author (on a page called “Babies Are Murdered Here”) was taking a pro-life person to task for some comment they made about “Needing better arguments than the Bible.” First I explained to the listeners that there are plenty of valid reasons to be pro-life even outside God’s Word. But I also chastised them for their tone towards a fellow believer. I got a 2nd reply from that person where they claimed to not be “Pro-life” – and yet they are clearly Bible believers!

This was my final response:

Truth without love is legalism. Jesus condemned the Pharisees for this. Love without truth is license which is pretty much where we see our mainstream culture today. Satan pushes folks towards either end of the spectrum, all the while helping them believe they are “Right” and correct. I’ve heard it said many times and this is worth considering that “Satan is a great sponsor of Religion.”

The “Balance” is grace. When you consider that we were created, in fact our whole purpose is to bring God glory (and Jesus _is_ God) then we should be seeking to carry out His will in our lives and honoring Him with everything we do. Jesus humbled himself to the point of being crucified on a cross for us. But not just for us saved sinners, for all. His death was sufficient for all, but efficient only for some.

The choice to follow Him is not a simple matter of “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life!” That’s the so-called “Three dollar” Gospel. It’s not the truth. The truth is, becoming a Christian may make your life worse that it was before, and in most places of this World, that is true right now.

For us in America, we think we can retreat to our “High horse” of the “Moral high ground” and be more righteous and that will save us – it doesn’t. The ONLY thing that saves us is faith in Jesus, and His grace and mercy.

On the other hand – you cannot say you are a Christian and NOT be pro-life. That’s ridiculous. Jesus was the most radical person ever to have lived, while at the same time He was the most PRO-LIFE person ever to live! He said “I came to give you life, and to the fullest!” If that’s not a pro-life position, I don’t know what is.

He also said our righteousness (as judged by the 10 Commandments) must exceed the Pharisees. That’s the TRUTH we share with sinners (see “Way of the Master,” Ray Comfort) . In fact, I would put it that if you are NOT pro-life, then you must be pro-death. There is no fence-sitting on that score.

So, come on, which way is it? How do you interpret the Gospel and Jesus’ words on that? I tell folks all the time, you cannot be a Christian and be “Pro-choice.” You cannot believe in God and yet say it’s “OK” to murder those created in His image (us, the unborn, and so on). Take a stand, make a decision here. Don’t be wishy-washy.


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