Taking A Stand

A friend posted on Facebook:

“A QUESTION FOR THE LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE: What happens when the motivation to create wealth for all practical purposes is discouraged to the point that it is extinguished? Most jobs exist because someone wanted to be rich or strived for what America offers…FREEDOM TO CHART YOUR OWN COURSE. THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T DO IT. ..That is reality.

“What happens when Walmart decides they have enough wealth and no longer have an interest in retail? Sure another business will continue to sell STUFF…..BUT THEY WILL EMPLOY SIGNIFICANTLY FEWER PEOPLE AND YOUR PURCHASES WILL COST MORE.

“This country will turn into Detroit and California. …Which place will you choose to live?”

My response:

On the one hand, you have Detroit where nobody wants to live because it’s turned into a pit of despair. On the other, you have CA, and places like SoCal where everyone wants to live, but few can afford. Many folks are leaving SoCal because of the cost of living, others because the liberal atmosphere is just too much to bear.

Manufacturing is leaving CA because of too many harsh regulations and taxes and a general “Anti-business” attitude in Sacramento. What’s going to be left behind here in CA is eventually going to look like Detroit, as we abandon more and more of the suburbs to humanistic values and secular ideas.

The “Church” here in SoCal is more like the environment in which it is found now, and has less and less impact on the people. Folks want “Comfort” and “Security” rather than freedom and hard work. Why should they want freedom and hard work when they can live off the Government, or for the Government (or the entertainment business which is so prevalent here) and be comfortable and have their “Sense” of security enforced by an Orwellian Big Brother like Government that wants to “Nanny” and “Pacify” folks.

To be truthful, our Government would rather rule over a bunch of addicted and pacified folks, rather than have to answer to a bunch of fed up and dissatisfied “Free thinkers” who believe the Government already takes too much from us and gives very little back. What made the Greatest Generation great wasn’t what they had, but what they sacrificed for. They sacrificed much to save the world, but for them it wasn’t a great sacrifice, many had grown up with nothing and were willing to work hard for something, and especially to see oppressed people freed from tyranny.

Today, in our Country we have many people falling under the boot of tyranny again, and they don’t even know it. Being “Enslaved” to comfort and security at the expense of your freedom and liberty is just like a “Jedi mind trick” where the person enslaved has no idea they are actually living in a nice neat little cage, fashioned by those who would see them blinded, and deafened and dumbed down to the point where they no longer have the capacity for rational thought.

The Greatest Generation ultimately sacrificed for us, so we could have better lives than they had. But we, in our stupidity, our blindness, traded our freedom for comfort, our liberty for so-called security. Our society now lives in a state of blissful ignorance where there are more “Takers” than workers, more folks who want to make their own rules rather than accept what was handed down for millenia as truth. The word of the day is “Make it your own” and they fully intend to make whatever they want, whatever they believe, whatever they can dream up to be their own “Truth” because they think that’s what’s going to get them the most the quickest and give them the most satisfaction.

In the end, their souls will be found wanting, as they had no idea what truth really was, or what their lives could be if they’d only turned and seen the world for what it really was. Where do we go from here? How can we ever get back to the society of folks who are not afraid of hard work and who want to work hard? How do we teach them that so-called “Rock stars” running around wearing T-shirts that depict satan having sex with Jesus is evil incarnate?

How do you teach folks who believe in relativism that wrong is wrong, and right is right? I guess some of us just have to say: “I will do what is right, even if nobody else is doing it, and I will not do what is wrong, even if everyone else is doing it.” It’s time to take a stand. I have no doubt the time is quickly approaching when those of us who believe in absolute truth are going to be tested and refined.

Who will you stand with?


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