Arab Spring Or Middle East Nightmare?

A friend posted an article link on Facebook:

My comment:

Many of us have been saying that the so-called “Arab Spring” was really the beginning of the “Middle East Nightmare.” If you are honest, and you look at the history of modern warfare, especially at the beginning of the 20th Century, with “Military might being used as an extension of National Policy” (roughly after von Clausewitz), then you may want to admit to yourself that what we are witnessing is indeed the grand struggle between two ideologies.

I would argue that these two ideologies cannot mutually co-exist as they are exclusive. On the one side, the Judeo-Christian world view, starting with Abraham passing the blessing, and the promise through his son Isaac; the other, the Islamic world view from the rewritten (stolen?) promise that is now passed through Ishmael (Abraham’s other son, through Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar). Could the “Great lie” really be that simple?

I’ve searched and searched these last few years to try and determine the source of Antisemitism in the world, clearly it is not rational to want to kill a person simply because he believes differently, or is more successful than you are. And yet, as von Clausewitz points out, National Policy sometimes uses the military (force) expedient to try to make gains for the State any way it can.

The Pogroms started around or perhaps before the Crusades, then in 1290, England expelled all the Jews. France was not kind to the Jews, culminating in the “Dreyfus Affair” (1892) and ultimately the First Zionist Congress (1897). What Hitler did was merely a continuation of the persecution the Jews had suffered for more than a thousand years, and perhaps longer. Did the persecution start with Mohammed?

I don’t believe so, but it certainly does take on an organized character following his rise to power. Ultimately, it played itself out in the re-establishment of the modern State of Israel (1947) so I myself, have taken to seeing Antisemitism as the “Hand of God” Himself constantly testing and refining His “Chosen” people and driving them back to the land of Canaan. They have been prepared and my belief is also that the pieces are now in place for the “End times.”

The Lord Jesus came from the Jews, but left us many clues that hint the end times would not come on us unawares. He said “You can interpret the seasons and the sky, and yet you do not know how to see the Kingdom of God” (roughly, my translation). Of course we cannot see it, we are blinded, without His Spirit opening our spiritual eyes to see. The world is oh so much more than we know.

The spiritual forces of darkness are at work, going into overdrive lately to destroy the works of good people, and to try to persecute Christians as badly as Jews. Suddenly, we are the problem, we are the ones who “Caused” all the trouble in the world, when in fact, it has been Satan all along, trying to win as many souls as he possibly can, while he still has time.

Open your eyes, turn your gaze towards Heaven, and ask the question, could this really be all there is? Is there more out there than we know or can perceive? Ask God to reveal Himself to you. He honors the prayers of humble people.


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