Is Detroit the Only Mess?

I wrote this in response to a friend on Facebook who was suggesting that rich folks ought to move in to Detroit and buy up all the vacant homes. Some are for sale for as little as $1.

There are other cities that were actually worse off. Cleveland was hit hard. In the 1950’s, Cleveland was one of the largest cities in America, easily making it into the top 10 in population. Then, hard times, recessions, the oil crisis, the decline of American steel, all kinds of factors. There are entire neighborhoods, house after house, boarded up, no windows, no pipes, no electrical wiring, many of them used as crack houses, or by pimps, gangs, what have you.

I spent some time there, working at Cleveland Clinic. The clinic is basically the only thing keeping that city afloat. Those houses are “Free” also, most are owned by HUD, or Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac, they can never go back on the market so-to-speak, as they are worth nothing. Not even the land is worth anything, nobody in their right mind would live there. They could bull-doze and make parks, that’s probably the best use of the space, Detroit will wind up similarly I would guess.

And those are only a couple cities where this is the case. There are many more… Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and HUD own millions of homes that are in the state where they can never be sold again. What can “We the people” do about that? It’s partly just inner-city decline, partly societal decay, partly greed, partly you-name-it. I’m no expert, I’ve just seen – some of it.

As always, I have only one solution for folks. I know that with Jesus, and the body working together we could solve these problems, but it’s going to take an extraordinary amount of effort on the parts of many folks who are dedicated to seeing this Country really solve issues for a change. The leadership we have in place now thrives on division. Divide and conquer is the oldest military strategy around, and our enemy uses it to keep us each in our pigeon holes.

“People groups” are easier to manage and keep under control. If I keep everyone pointing fingers at everyone else, then none of them will ever work together to try and solve problems, and I can keep them nicely under a tight rein. All I have to do is “Feed” them what they want occasionally. Just feed them often enough that they believe the lie that I really care about them.

I can’t think of a better example of that kind of thinking than the President we now have. Man oh man, were people ever blind to re-elect that guy. OK, rant off.


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