Travyon Martin, Part 19,000

Gads, how long is this gonna go on? I keep telling folks to get a grip, get perspective. Here’s what I wrote to one of my FB pals today, in response to an article she referenced on (article link at bottom).

And black babies are 6x more likely to be aborted than other babies. Does this “Devalue” black people and in fact, is that a race war of the LARGEST kind perpetrated by our own Government (in the guise of Planned Parenthood)? Where is the sense in all this? Where is the perspective? The Radiance Foundation has proved that the most lethal form of death for all black people is abortion – and it’s more lethal than all other forms of death combined! I have to ask it again – is this some kind of WAR on black people that we are all of us denying?

What happened to TM is tragic, of course. Whether or not he was a “Victim” has been decided already, no crime there. Our Government’s response, if they upheld the LAW should be to tell folks to “Move along, nothing to see here.” Instead, they engage in the most atrocious behavior imaginable, and I can only believe that it’s with the intent to distract us all from some other very nefarious activity. They are using the whole TM / GZ thing to CAUSE more division in America. My conclusion.

And the young, and the stupid, and the reckless, and the leftists are falling for it hook, line and sinker. At the same time, I’m not going to venture out into the ‘hood right now and offer an olive branch, that would be foolish. I don’t know what to do except keep spreading truth, and perspective, and sharing Jesus’ love for all of us. Jesus didn’t die on a cross so we could hate each other. He told us to FIX IT! “Forgive one another, as your Heavenly Father forgave you.”

GZ was just stupid, that’s all, but TM may have been just as dumb or dumber in his reacting to the situation the way he did. I wasn’t there, that’s the only speculation I can offer. No real judgement there, just an observation. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I were ever in that kind of situation. I hope I’d whip out some Gospel tracts and hand them to the kid and say “You look like you need Jesus son.” There’s just no way of knowing how any of us will react when the time, when the real trial comes.

I pray every day for Jesus to find me worthy. He already paid the price for all my sins, no worries there. I simply want to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” My sense is that ain’t gonna happen if you carry a gun out on the streets and shoot some poor kid because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The job of Neighborhood Watch is to “Observe and report.” So, clearly he exceeded his authority, but still, he didn’t do anything illegal! It’s unfortunate that the whole thing shook out the way it did.

If I could, I’d apologize for him and ask forgiveness on his behalf, but that would be exceeding my authority. I only know that Christ wants us to forgive one another. Hmmm…. Soapbox off.

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