Travyon Martin Tragedy

I find the media and the President to be mostly at fault for “Inciting” violence in the wake of the lawful and legal and completely sane verdict. Any thinking person knows that according to the law, the State of Florida never had a case against Zimmerman. A couple articles that may help:


One thought on “Travyon Martin Tragedy

  1. OK, so Travyon Martin was killed by a 1/2 Hispanic, 1/2 white fellow. The jury found him innocent of murder, instead agreeing that he acted in self-defense.

    In the time since, 10,865 black people have been killed by other black people. About 300 black people were killed by white people, and about 600 white folks were killed by black folks. And, about 300,000 black babies were murdered by abortion! Get a GRIP people! This is reality. The President, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and a whole bunch of other folks are getting carried away over nothing. This is what the Bible calls “Being blown about by the wind.”

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