Be Prepared

In light of the coming verdict in the Zimmerman Trial in Florida, many are worried about Civil Unrest and riots which may take place as a result, obviously depending on whether he is found guilty or innocent.  Rumors are swirling, and reports are going around about the Government even being involved in stoking the racial aspects of the trial.  While I have no doubts about our President’s desires to continue to divide and conquer us, I am doubtful about whether there are actual planners on the ground in Sanford, Florida creating the necessary environment for a “Race war.”

All the same, I do feel it’s prudent to be prepared for emergencies.  Here are some comments I posted and a link to an Emergency Preparedness web site:

I’ll always be a Boy Scout too, even though I was there a few weeks back and voted to withdraw our Church’s Charter from the BSA. Defending yourself is one thing, being prepared to sit out awhile when there’s no gas, no food on store shelves, no drinkable water coming out your faucet, no electricity… is another thing entirely. These things can happen. Costco and HD and Lowes will sell out of generators in about 2 hours should it come to that. Not saying it will, just pointing out some obvious things.

There’s already no on any store shelves anywhere in town, so if you have none, you’re kinda out in the cold. Simple things too, flashlights, batteries, chargers, a PLAN. Emergency food, and some way to cook and prepare it if electricity or gas goes out. At least have some way to boil water. You’d be surprised how long you can last just boiling water and eating simple prepared meals. And most of all people, PRAY.

Prepare for the worst. Expect the unexpected, and pray for the Nation to respond in calm voices, those who can reconcile and heal and restore. Haven’t we had enough racial tension since this President got into office? He is the WORST at bringing unity, which was the complete opposite of what he said he’d do. Black people are worse off today than they were 6 years ago, and that in spite of all his promises. Yes, we must deal with the idea that his plan has been for just such an incident as this, to stoke the fires of division and dissent, and that this disunity has been designed to take our Country down and make us sink into hopelessness.

Don’t give in! Don’t let yourselves be among those who blame and accuse! We have done nothing wrong! And what’s more, we will abide by the LAW – the LAW (the Constitution and the 10 Commandments) only and protect life, limb and property of ourselves and our loved ones. We will not be involved in any rampages, nor will we condemn those who do. We will simply say “That’s not us or our way.” Don’t be drawn in and become part of the problem. But at the same time be like the Korean Store owners who survived the LA Riots of 1992 intact because they were and prepared to defend what was theirs.

Plan to get together with folks you know you can trust too, since a family alone is a family isolated and becomes an easy target. Make that part of your plan. God bless you all. God bless America.


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