Wait A Half Second

Cheryl and I were coming home last night after dropping my mother off back at her Senior Living Community. We were tired, it was hot, and the weekend had been busy. But I was driving, and was paying pretty good attention to the road and all. We came up to a corner that we’ve both been through the stop signs there hundreds, if not thousands of times. At Ardmore Ave. and Gould Lane, it’s a double set of stop signs, all 4 directions, as there used to be railroad tracks in between the two streets that run parallel on either side of the old right of way (Ardmore and Valley).

So, we were heading north from Hermosa Beach back towards Manhattan. I stopped, and there was no traffic any direction, I looked east and could see at least 75 feet – and it was clear – when I decided to go. We went, and were half way through the intersection when a guy comes screaming down the hill (about 50MPH we estimated) and ran the stop sign right in front of us – never even hit his brakes. He went by in front of us less than 10 feet from our car (probably about 5 feet actually). Naturally, it scared the you know what out of us. He barely woke up or whatever it was in time to make the stop at the next stop sign which is only about 120′ from the stop sign that he blew through (on the other side of the old right of way).

At the time he blew by in front of us, I was traveling at close to 20MPH, having accelerated away from the stop sign and moved perhaps 40 feet. If I had been in a hurry, or we had been there just a half a second earlier, he would have T-boned our vehicle and likely killed us both. A half second. There aren’t many times when a half second matters that much in your life is there? I don’t remember when, in recent memory, I’ve had that kind of “Close call” either. It just makes you pause and reflect though. Am I ready to meet Jesus? Would it be OK if the end came that suddenly? Would my children be alright without me?

I’m not going to be silly and say I’m glad we didn’t get killed, because it’s for God’s glory that we are here, so I have no doubt in my mind we will be here exactly as long as He has use for us on this earth. Cheryl was mad, at least at first, she wanted me to chase the guy down and get his license plate. I just shrugged my shoulders and asked her “Why?” I honestly don’t believe it does any good to get mad at folks who do idiotic things anymore. As a Christian, I am here to share the most valuable information I can with them: That they are not lost and doomed to an eternity in Hell. They can be saved, and not worry if some person does something very foolish and runs a stop sign and kills them.

I hope and pray this reaches someone today with the “Good News” of Jesus’ death and resurrection. His gift of eternal life is available to all. I pray this message really makes you think how truly fragile is our existence here, on this earth, and how short our time may be. I hope you will think about the fact that God may ask your life from you this very day, and that there may be no more time for you to think about Jesus’ offer of salvation.


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