Swimming In The Fog

Can you just sort of hum that along with me now (to the tune of “Singin’ In The Rain”)?

No kidding, the fog was so thick down here at the beach this morning, we all of us were hesitant to go in and swim. But, we did anyhow – we must be crazy! You have to be a bit “Off” to go swim a mile or mile and a half in the ocean anyhow I guess. I went and did the mile and a half, I want to start going the full 2 miles on weekdays too, but it’s not working out that way quite yet. So, I started at 22nd St. in Hermosa, and swam to the Manhattan Pier. That’s a mile and a half roughly for those of you who don’t know the territory.

I only almost got lost once. It was right after I started, we all talked about it and told each other to keep the backs of the breakers in sight. Visibility was about 2 blocks (1/8 of a mile?) so it actually wasn’t too bad. But, right after I started, I think I was between 24th and 26th streets, all of a sudden I couldn’t see anything. Nothing, nada. Talk about having to fight off a panic attack! What do you DO? Well, I knew, and we had discussed, that all we would have to do is alter course to the right (swimming north), but how far? Could I already be going in circles?

I simply stopped a minute and listened, and then swam towards the breakers and pretty soon, I was just outside the surf line and could see the breakers again. I guess I had just gone into a very thick patch too, since after that I didn’t get “Lost” again. I swam past a lot of surfers. Our joke when we got out was “Did you ask the surfers if you were OK where you were at? Did any of them say they were lost too?” A little gallows humor I guess. It’s just weird swimming the entire way and not be able to see any of the usual “Landmarks.” We have all the houses on the Strand identified, and know exactly how far each of them is along the route. I could see the lifeguard towers, but they all look alike, so they aren’t really useful for landmarks, and you can’t read the street numbers on them when you’re out in the ocean a 1/4 mile or so.

Anyhow, it was fun and interesting. I was the last to finish this morning, I swam the furthest, everyone else had already headed to the showers when I got on the beach, but they all knew I’d be OK. One of the guys I swim with had to get out, he’d already swam 30 minutes he said, and he was getting tired and cold from having to keep swimming around trying to figure out where in heck he was. He got lost once too, and nearly had a panic attack too he said, but then he found his way back into the surf line and was OK. It was later that he realized he just couldn’t finish the morning swim he said.

Fun, fun, fun.

I’m swimming, in the fog, just swimming in the fog!
What a curious feeling, can’t see a bloody thing!
I’m stopping again, to try and find some land,
I’m swimming, just swimming in the fog.


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