Letter From Dad

I saw this post on Facebook, and I liked it so much I wrote a pretty hefty response:


About 13 years ago, my daughter Virginia was a college freshman. And as is the case with most first year students, she found herself under attack for her values. She asked her father “what to say”.

And this is the letter I wrote to my daughter:

30 November 2000

Dear Ginny:

You asked if there was something that you could send to a friend of yours who is a Democrat. I think that it is difficult to accomplish much by responding to emotional charges. But, if you can communicate your beliefs, there is always a chance that others will be persuaded to recognize a better path.

Politics can be described in three sentences:
1. How can I get something?
2. How can I give something, that is not mine, to someone else?
3. How can I keep others from taking from me what isn’t theirs?

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.”

The purpose of our constitution is to limit the “natural progress of things.” For our constitution to work, as intended by the writers of our constitution, a majority of citizens must “just say no” to the siren spoils of government power. (As a people we seem too ready to exchange our birthright of freedom for a “mess of pottage”.) There will always be a body politic that believes the coercive mechanisms of the state are the most appropriate means for ordering societal affairs. If they determine that “progress” is too slow, then the machinations of the elite will consolidate power to effect those changes that they determine are “good for others”. The rhetorical veil is: What government can give to you. The hidden agenda is: Power.

Whenever government extends the tyrannical arm of “fellowship”, run…fast, in the opposite direction…and vote the rascals out!

Limited government is maximum liberty. It’s all about freedom!


My response:
Very well said. The framers of our Government and Constitution knew the Bible (and human nature) quite well. They examined many Governments that had failed, and traced it all to that tendency to be about “Power” and power centralizing in one location (a Monarch, a powerful figure, etc…). What they realized was that “Democracy” was doomed to that type of failure, so they devised the idea of a three part Government with checks and balances. This idea also came from the Bible, as it represents very well the idea of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These 3 aspects then have limited powers on their own, and different functions or roles.
The system is now broken, since they never ever dreamed of the 4th aspect of Government or that it could be so powerful: Lobbyists. Nor did they dream that politicians would “Die in office.” Their original idea was that responsible “Citizens” would serve one or two terms and serve their friends and families and neighbors back home and then go home and turn the mantle of representation over to the next person. Things are so wrong now and have been for some time, that we are literally spending $Billions$ to influence a relatively small percentage of votes. Our Founding Fathers would be screaming at us for how wrong it has gotten and how stupid we are!


(The author’s name is John Brunner, I won’t post a link to his article on FB, since it might not work for you all anyhow, and I’ve already cut-n-pasted it in here instead)


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