The Morning After Post

My reply to an article posted on Steve’s blog yesterday:


Hey Steve –

My main comment was already made on the Magazine’s site: “We are already under judgement.” The longer I’m a Christian, and the more I look around, the more the Lord opens my eyes to see the world for what it is: An evil and depraved place. Unfortunately, the more I look at the Church today, the more I see the Church is a reflection of this crumbling society. Martin Luther King Jr. said the Church had lost its power in his “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” and I believe he was right.

On the one hand, I feel very fortunate, very blessed that the Lord saved me, and has given an opportunity for my children and friends and family to be saved by my witness. On the other hand, I fear for them and others who do not repent. As I like to point out to folks, each day here is another day closer to Jesus’ return. He is coming back – and we Christians say “Hallelujah! Come Lord Jesus!” But oh, those who aren’t prepared, my heart aches for them. And for the sins of our generation, I weep for all the unborn killed before they even had a chance to breathe. I weep for all those lost souls thumbing their noses at God, living “The Lifestyle” of anything goes.

We have an entire culture devoted to pleasure in any form, the more deviant the better. Another thing I tell folks all the time is you can get up in front of a crowd and drop the F-bomb a few times and they will clap and shout and think you’re some kind of hero. But, if you were to mention the name of Jesus Christ they would throw rotten fruit at you and boo you off the stage.

I try to look back and see where we went so wrong. How did the “Greatest Generation” give rise to the most demented generation? How did we fall so quickly into the trap of the enticements of sin and pleasure? Was it simply the fact that the Depression generation, when faced with a harsh challenge, was able to rise up and save the world because they were already used to harsh circumstances? What about when they came back – was it because we had trained so many leaders, so many conquerors that they suddenly had to conquer all the problems they perceived around themselves and cause us to suddenly wallow in luxury and comfort? Is that what leads directly to the desire for more (more stuff, more comfort, more pleasure, etc…)? Does the pursuit of excess lead to depravity?

We can look at history I think and see that the continued antisemitism that exists in the world, and has existed for hundreds of years, and that finally drove the Jews back to Palestine to create the modern State of Israel, must be the hand of God Himself, possibly pushing history to its conclusion. But why then does God allow this decline of the west? Europe is done, I have no doubts about that. The 20th Century was the bloodiest in all of history, was it actually the beginning of the death pangs of our entire world?

One of the things that John Piper’s video (which we watched for the last class) made me realize is that sin is sin, and that what it really makes us want is what Adam and Eve wanted: To decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. We want the ability to “Choose” right and wrong! That’s what is at the heart of all our sin! That’s the nature of our pride and rebellion against God. We want to turn our backs on Him and pretend He doesn’t exist so we can do it our way. If recent history is any evidence, then I’d say the end is coming quickly. It can only lead to self-destruction or God’s judgement, and perhaps they are the same thing.

With Jesus as my light, and the Bible as my guide, I push on toward the prize. I can think of no better way to operate in this day and age. We aren’t going to save many, but we may save some. If we are obedient, we will keep striving, aching, pulling, cajoling, urging, preaching, teaching, sharing truth and loving them right to the very end. We must try! We must!


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