Lottery Fascination



In our “Entitled” culture, where folks think it’s OK to get something they didn’t earn, everyone likes to see winners, and big winners I guess are “Prized” most of all.  Why else would we want to see folks go cuckoo over a Powerball lottery that pays out $590M to an 84 year old woman?  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing at all against the woman, I don’t know her and so on.  I’m very happy she won, and I hope she spends the money wisely – and quickly.  But, the issue to my mind is whether this makes any sense at all?

I have made the point repeatedly, and will do so again, that rich folks do not play the Lottery, therefore it is a poor people’s “Tax.”  Folks go crazy, after all it’s “Gambling” and they are apt to take the rent money, the food money, the milk money and buy lotto tickets.  What for?  A shot at so much money you’d never know what to do with it all?  According to most statistics, getting a windfall in the form of “Instant wealth” brings no happiness, and in fact, can make your life miserable.  So, why do folks do it?

My answer is simple:  Because our Government tells us to.  They say it’s good and therefore so many folks go out there and buy lottery tickets.  In CA, where we re-introduced the lottery back in the 1980’s, they said the Lottery would help raise money for schools, education, parks, you name it.  So, nearly 30 years later we have to ask – has it helped?  I spoke with a gal who is very high up in the California Teacher’s Union last year, and she told me that the money is less than 5% of their Budget, and it doesn’t make a difference anyway since the CA State Government just takes back an equivalent amount of funds to spend them elsewhere.

In other words, it’s pure hype, and even worse, since they promise happiness by “Getting rich quick” it’s false hope.  One of the oldest sayings in the world, and it likely traces back to Solomon in the Bible is “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”  After all, Solomon had all the wealth anyone could want, he bought everything, tried every pleasure imaginable, and you remember what he said:  “It’s all meaningless, a chasing after the wind.”

Be satisfied with what you have people.  An old Proverb I have somewhere says “If you aren’t satisfied with what you have, how could you possibly be happy with more?”  Don’t buy into the hype, or the false hope friends.  It’s not worth it.  Several Lottery winners wound up dead – murdered, and many others are broke in a few years.  My other question is:  Now what in the heck is this 84 year old lady going to do with all that money?  She couldn’t spend it fast enough to get rid of it all, not in her remaining lifetime.  And if you think it’s going to prolong her life?  Whoa-baby!  Better re-think that one!


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