Our House

A friend wrote me an email and asked:

“Is Google unknowingly helping to usher in the end times?  Hmmm…”



My response:

You know, it’s so hard to determine.  I’ve read all the prophecy in the Bible many times.  I understand the interpretations, that Israel must be rebuilt / the people must have returned, the Third Temple must be built and so on (they’re working on it:  http://www.templemountfaithful.org/ ).  In many ways, the Book of Revelation was nonsense until the 20th Century, when the power of the atom was discovered.  Finally, people began to see how those amazing descriptions of whole cities being incinerated and world-wide floods and such could actually be real, and not just legends.

Our modern “Science” gets the credit in some respects, and is screwing up right and left in other ways.  The “Great Lie” is still the same today as it was in the Garden of Eden:  That we can be “Like God” and in charge of our own destiny (Independent Agency).  As I read History also, I see the Spirit of Antichrist has been with us all along, ever since Jesus was here.  Satan is working overtime to make folks think Jesus is a myth, God is a myth, and especially that he (Satan) is a myth also.  Tell them 10 truths so you can slip in one lie.  It’s just that in this case, it is a BIG lie!

The truths are relatively simple, that since we are sentient, we can look around and catalog and describe and understand much of what goes on around us.  I’ve worked in Technology a long time.  After I became a Christian, and continued working in Technology, it began to dawn on me that lots of the bright young people are like I was:  They are looking for “The Answer” (God) in the machine.  They somehow think that the machine will lead them to the “All Truth” or something like that.  You and I, as believers, we know that is ridiculous, and that they are looking in the wrong direction.

The result of the desire for “Independent Agency” however is that God gives them over to the depraved mind, such that they go on looking in the wrong direction, not understanding that they can never find it (the Answer, God) there – since it wasn’t programmed in there to begin with!  The Spirit of Antichrist is alive and well.

It does appear to me, however, that we have the stage set, and that most of the pieces are in place for Jesus’ return.  His return has been imminent ever since his ascension, however.  We have been in the “End Times” for 2,000 years.  Paul and John both had reason to believe his return could happen at any time, we should not be different.  The fact that more prophecy has been fulfilled should give us more confidence in God’s Word, not that we can predict when he is coming.

As for me, I hope it’s soon.  Often I look around at our world, and I am alternately saddened, or repulsed, or angered.  It’s mostly sadness I guess, followed by frustration.  How are we to reach them all to make them understand?  Well, there again, it’s not our job to do so.  That’s the job of the Church, through the power of Jesus Christ.  My job is just to do what he sets in front of me to get done.  I miss so many opportunities though.  I’m still blind in many ways too.  I don’t think like Christ enough.  I still think like a man much of the time.

How am I to get through this day, waiting for Christ’s return?  By doing the things he set out for me to do.  By “Always being ready to give a defense of the Gospel to anyone who asks.”  By “Being transformed by the renewing of my mind.”  In that light, I should give you a quote I read this morning:  “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.  Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand guard in vain.”  I pray the Lord is our guide in all we do.  I pray further that the Lord protects us from whatever schemes the enemy can come up with to distract us or disarm us.  I pray we use his wisdom to combat all difficulties – large and small.

For Jesus.



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