Why Abortion Is Wrong


This is somewhat a compilation of the reasons I have come up with, or come across.   I would love to hear from others, what can we add to this list?  We need more ammunition in our arsenal!  The TRUTH is always sufficient (God’s Word) but we must be able to debunk all the arguments of the liberal progressives as quickly as possible, so they don’t infect the minds of others. Everyone who is pro-life should stand on what the Bible says -that murder is wrong. The pro-death crowd will argue, but it’s (i.e., the baby) not “Viable.” Bunk, I say. Life is demonstrated by something that is growing and changing, and respiring (taking in nutrients and expelling wastes). Clearly, this fits human embryos from the moment of conception. Science, therefore, supports pro-life.  The fact that the baby in the womb is not “Viable on its own” is no different from a baby outside the womb that has just been born.  That baby is not “Viable on its own” either, it’s only separated by an inch or so of stomach muscle and tissue from being inside its mother is all.
This falls into what we call the “SLED” set of arguments.  First, does some fanciful notion of “Personhood” (an invented concept by the way) depend somehow on the Size of the person?  Just because you were once a fertilized egg, were you “Not a person” somehow at that stage?  Really, were you different at that time than you are now?  Is a Kindergartner different from somebody who is an adult, just because they are different sizes?  The “L” in SLED stands for “Level of Development”.  Is an embryo different from an adult, or a child, just because it’s not as developed?  Is a baby different from an adult or a teenager just because they are at different stages of development?  If this were true, then you could say a Monarch Butterfly’s Caterpillar and the Butterfly stage were somehow “Different” and not the same thing.  In reality, we know that’s simply nonsense.
Then there is the “E” in SLED which stands for “Environment”.  Is a person in a house different from one outside the house?  Is somebody in the woods fundamentally different from somebody swimming in a pond or a pool?  Of course not, since if this were true, the Salmon hatchlings swimming downstream would not be considered “Salmon” since they have not matured into the form that swims in the oceans for years before returning to their spawning grounds.  Lastly, the “D” in SLED stands for “Dependency”.  Are you different when you’re a child because you’re dependent on your parents, does that somehow make you “Not” a person, deserving of all the rights of a human being – according to the Constitution of the United States?  Is an elderly person living in an Assisted Living situation somehow deprived of rights because they require assistance?  Of course not, since again, we are all of us dependent on one another in some way.  No “Person” is truly independent and can live completely on their own (except in oddball cases where people go off and somehow survive on their own for short periods).
Another tool: Use the fact that our own “Law” is hypocritical about “taking of life.” An Eagle’s egg is always considered an Eagle and destruction of such, or removal from the nest is punishable by hefty fines and/or jail time. As Ray Comfort points out in his “180 Movie”  (http://www.180movie.com) in NAZI Germany they declared that Jews were not “People” (sound familiar?) and therefore it was made legal to kill them.  Hitler didn’t violate any “Laws” in his killing of 6M Jewish people and 5M plus other Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, crippled, mentally ill and so on.  When you base the value of a “Person” on their utility, then you have already violated the “Sanctity”  of life, since God’s Word tells us that all are valuable and of equal worth in his eyes (God shows no favoritism).
Third argument, again, back to Science. Darwin’s Law of “Survival of the Fittest” which Christians can agree with, and even support, says that a species must do everything to insure survival of offspring. Clearly then, abortion is a violation of the Law of Survival of the Fittest.
We’ve got the pro-death crowd  on the ropes folks. Don’t let them back you into a corner with the same old tired argument about “Personhood” which is completely irrelevant and a red-herring designed to throw you off the track. So-called personhood is a ploy to create doubt in the minds of those who are weak or so-called “Low information” types, in order to cause them to sit on some imaginary “Fence” on this issue. There is no FENCE! You are either pro-death or pro-life. No middle ground on this, no room for maneuver.
Lastly, let me tell you why we, at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach teach that abortion is about God.  Obviously, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, then you know that God is sovereign over everything.  It’s not possible to believe in Jesus, and not believe what the Bible says about God – from the beginning when He created the Heavens and the Earth.  So, knowing that, we infer that everything, literally everything that we do (as believers) is about Him.  Our lives were forever changed when we became believers in Jesus Christ, so it’s now no longer a question of who’s in charge, or what are we to do with our lives.  We are to do as the Bible tells us:  Care for widows and orphans, as well as the unborn, since their parents want to kill them.  God is also the one who can forgive the sin of abortion (murder) so, again, it’s about Him in so many ways.
We must stop the killing!

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