Fracking In California

Sent to the Editor at Easy Reader News this morning:


Mark –

I am very concerned.  I tried to contact my State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi this morning on this issue.  I read an article on FOXNews that has the opinion this legislation will greatly harm CA and hurt our recovery and chances for economic prosperity.

I agree completely.  Further, I would state that harmful legislation in the past in this State is driving businesses out.  Nathan Mintz, former Candidate for State Assembly (twice) has stated that at Raytheon, they can no longer afford to upgrade their manufacturing to keep up with California’s strict EPA requirements.  They would have been forced to spend over $1M per workstation to upgrade their fume hoods, and that is just a deal-breaker.  They took the manufacturing on that contract to Texas.  And that is just one incident of many!

Our State Legislature is out of control.  They are still spending at an accelerated pace over previous years, in spite of claims to the contrary, and they are running our State into record spending gaps as revenues don’t keep up with the recovery in our Country in general.  CA is still a hurting place.  More and more businesses are forced to shutter because they can no longer do manufacturing here.  Just last week, MacGregor Sailboats closed up shop, after 50 years manufacturing here in SoCal (over 36,000 yachts built!).  They are moving to Florida.

Those are just a couple of the stories going on all the time.  Aerospace is leaving, I cannot believe that the big car manufacturers like Toyota and such can afford to keep their operations here.  I’m sure they have contingency planning in effect to get out at some point.  This harmful legislation is taking a toll on not just CA but our Country as a whole.  The statement that “As goes CA, so goes the Nation” is true in many ways.  CA has been a pioneer of cutting edge legislation involving primarily pollution and air quality in the past, our measures of water management and waste management have also been leading indicators in the Nation.

But, when it comes to Oil drilling, we have also had a long and storied history here in the Golden State.  There is a lot of oil here!  We could build an entire recovery in this State on the Oil industry alone.  I refer you to an excellent online video that deals with fracking and its effects on the environment (which are negligible, and manageable):

I should also direct your attention to what Sarah Palin said.  Her mantra was “Drill baby, drill!” for which she was chastised and teased by the liberal left, the progressives and the media, saying here position was very “Anti-environment” and “Un-earth friendly” or some such.  But her actual point is quite valid:  We made it so difficult to drill for oil in this Country, that the oil companies simply went where oil was abundant and regulations were lax.  There, they easily bribed Government officials and got away with environmental disasters that would make our Gulf Oil Spill of a few years back look like a minor incident.  We saved our Country and ruined our World.

There is no doubt in my mind that oil is still big business, but one which we can make safe enough, and monitor closely enough to provide us not only with jobs and income for our State, but also prosperity and reduced reliance on imported oil, thereby improving our National Security.  The less oil we import, the less money that gets funneled into the hands of radical Islamic Jihadi terrorists.  Every dollar we send abroad to pay for oil results in some amount going into the pockets of terrorists.  That is the reality we live with today.  That is what we should really be thinking about, not whether we should be scared to cause a little underground fracturing in order to extract oil.

The legislators behind closed doors in Sacramento think they are not under the scrutiny of the people.  But we are watching.  I tried to send this information to Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi this morning as I said.  His web site is broken.  His contact page is not working.  It wasn’t working some months back when I tried to contact him on another issue.  Do you think he even cares?  I doubt it.  The super-majority up there in Sacramento thinks they can do whatever they want.  I am here to tell you, this type of legislation will harm California – badly.

Thank you for listening.



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