Colorado Goes To Pot


Don’t ask me how this makes the “Top” of Google News, I guess it’s big news to liberals, they think it means zoned out Fridays for all or something.  I’m really not sure what.  I’ve written before, and spoken too, about the perils of legalizing drug use, especially for “Recreational” purposes.  Making pot legal for “Medicinal” use was a completely different thing.  Now that they’ve legalized it for so-called “Recreational” usage, they have a whole new host of issues to deal with.  I read a couple months back that teen usage of Marijuana doubled overnight at High Schools.  Another reason to Home School?  You bet!

I’m relieved now we got outta CO while it was still sane.  It’s gone even further down the tubes with the Governor there making a muck rake of the entire State.  I hope he eventually gets recalled over his role in all this.  His leadership legacy is going to be one of driving the State into the dumps over legal drug usage and making guns (protecting oneself from legal whacked out drug users) illegal.  The monkeys are running the zoo to be sure.

I just think it’s insane that anybody can believe that pot, smoking it or imbibing it and getting “Stoned” is a good thing to legalize in our society.  Do you know what pot users want to do?  Get more dope and smoke it or imbibe it in whatever format.  It is the single most debilitating drug out there, because all you want to do when you ingest pot is ingest more!  That and you get the munchies, which makes you hungry, then your buzz goes away, and you want more weed, then you get the munchies, and so on…  I’ve heard from many so-called “Functional” users out there, but they equate to “Functional” alcoholics.  They are self-medicated all the time because they can’t stand life “Normal.”  They want to be numb, for the simple reason there’s so much “Pain” in life.  Pot doesn’t help with pain, it makes your brain dull so you don’t notice it.  There’s a fine distinction in there somewhere, I know, I smoked it every day for nearly 9 years.

The key in that distinction is that the same factor that makes you dull to pain, dulls you to everything else just about, including your feelings about doing other drugs, about promiscuous sex, about consuming mass quantities of alcohol, etc…  That’s why it was always called a “Gateway” drug, since it impairs judgement.

Sad day.  Sad day for America.  Sad day for CO.  I feel for my children who still live there, and our friends.  What a heck of a place to be.  Gee, I’ve got news for them, CA ain’t much better.  The culture out here is so “Permissive” they think that if it feels good they should do it – no matter what.  CA is the source of the Haight-Ashbury movement of the 1960’s, the “Love generation.”  Or should I say “Free love generation?”  It equates to the same thing.  These days, morality is gone the way of the Dinosaurs, good is whatever you want, and evil is anyone telling you that you cannot do whatever you want.  All restraints gone, no more holding back.  After all, Madison Ave. has been telling us for decades:  “You deserve it.”

Lord, the end just must be near.  I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

Mothers, protect your children.  Fathers, protect your children.  Husbands, protect your wives.  Wives, love your husbands.  It’s just getting crazy out there.


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