Time For Action!

Sent to Speaker Boehner today:

Honorable Speaker Boehner –

It is becoming clear that the lack of moral accountability in the administration of this President has led to Tyranny in the Whitehouse which is being enforced by repressive IRS activity as well as possibly other organizations. The pattern of distrust and backlash seem to be extended to the Military, which is of vital concern to all Americans. The full-throttle attempts by the current administration to remove every semblance of historical Christianity from our great Country are perhaps most troubling of all. It is also clear that the President has installed key people into posts that not only are they not qualified, but they appear to have gotten there through nepotism and graft, political contributions and what have you.

I have been very troubled by the current President for years. Not only is he not qualified to be President, he has patently avoided his duties in International affairs and contributed greatly to situations like the melt-down in the Middle East, as well as saber rattling of North Korea. His policies are not clear, his conduct is questionable, his bearing is aloof and uncaring and his lack of character is known and taken advantage of by all our enemies. Oh yes, we have many enemies. In many ways it seems to me that the President is more interested in placating enemies than he is of using the seat of the most powerful nation on earth to seek justice for all men, no matter the race, the creed or the color and whatever their nationality. Instead, we see a spread of the cancer called radical Muslim fundamentalism. It continues to spread and infect country after country and we do nothing to stop it. We have thrown Israel under the bus, our best and most capable ally in the Middle Eastern region, instead giving favors to now radical Muslim controlled Egypt.

We have entered a dangerous time for America. Do we act now and stop the moral plunge? Or do we accept our fate and continue our downward spiral? You, Speaker, have the power to stop it. I ask, I plead, I implore you to act – and now! For the good of our Country, for our people, for our Constitution. We cannot take anymore of this President who has trashed our Country, our Constitution and our International prestige.

Impeach President Obama now. Please. For all those reasons above, and oh so many more. He was trained at ACORN to give free stuff to people, and that’s all he’s done while in office. That is not Presidential. It’s not even a good thing to do. It’s very harmful to our Country overall I should say. It only buys votes for him and his party, while they plan and spin and spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. They manufacture statistics and spout policies that are completely meaningless, such as Carbon Credits and United Nations bans on arms trading. He is categorically surrendering our nation to powers outside of this country! I tell you the man is a TRAITOR!

Again, please impeach him today. Do it now, while we still have a country left.

Thank you.

Most respectfully,

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien


2 thoughts on “Time For Action!

    • While I may not agree with the context, I do agree that as a leader, his qualities are lacking. His leadership has been mostly “Uninspired.”

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