Best Arguments Against Gay Marriage

From a group of conservative folks called “The Last Civil Right:”

The Democrats of today cannot claim to be the historic pioneers of the emancipation of slaves, nor of women’s rights: their entire history is devoid of the pursuit or defense of freedom. So in recent years, Democrats have hijacked traditionally conservative values and achievements, specifically “civil rights” and “freedom.” This was not only to gain more power and influence among the populace, but to cloak one cause in particular – gay marriage. This has led conservatives to believe gay marriage is a conservative cause because it promotes freedom. This has also led Americans to believe that gay rights are akin to civil rights by conflating the black struggle during the civil rights movement to the homosexual’s struggle for gay marriage.

Only, the civil rights struggle and the “struggle” for gay marriage are incomparable, and gay marriage does NOT promote freedom.

Article link:

From a Sermon preached last week at our Church:

Pastor Zac, at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach used this woman’s testimony over the weekend in his sermon. Powerful stuff! Read it and be amazed.

My own arguments:

Lately, I have come to the conclusion that Science is also on our side (against gay marriage).  The great theory that everyone uses to bash Christians – Evolution – can be used to debunk homosexual relationships as well.  You have to look at it from the standpoint of the species.  So-called “Survival of the fittest” demands that species do everything it can to insure survival of its offspring.  So, how on earth could being gay be a good thing in that light?  Incidentally, this is also the best argument against abortion (aside from the Bible).

The simplest answer is that being gay is simply a delusional state in the mind of those people who engage in homosexual activity since they tell themselves “If it feels good, I will do it.”   I wrote an article recently about what atheists believe (or don’t):

The bottom line is, whether you are a Christian or not, gay marriage doesn’t make any sense.  The left has hi-jacked Civil Rights and used it for their own insidious purposes.  They choose to lie and distort and bend and twist language to suit their own demented worldview.  This is why the Bible is against gay marriage, because those who engage in this behavior will try to rationalize it and make it seem “Natural” and therefore to gain acceptance by the population as a whole.  But it is clearly wrong, and indeed harmful behavior in light of both Science and the Bible.



16 thoughts on “Best Arguments Against Gay Marriage

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  2. That is by far the best argument against gay marriage. It doesn’t make sense. GENIUS! And we all know that if something doesn’t make sense, it ought to be outlawed!

    You know..a lot of religions don’t make sense…

    • Absolutely right! There are very few “Religions” that make sense. I can agree completely with that. In fact, in the general sense, “Religion” could be defined as man’s attempt to get to or satisfy some god. However, the Judeo-Christian view of God is that He contacted us, and sent His Son (Jesus) to die for us, receiving the punishment for our sin, thus becoming a substitution in our place for God’s wrath.

      You won’t find that in any other “Religion” out there. That’s what really makes Christianity “Different” and why people hate us so much, and why the perception is out there that we are “Exclusive” or something like that. It’s not us, it’s God who is exclusive. He only gave one offer to mankind, he did it when history was mature, when there were roads, and communications and written languages so that His message would spread as far and wide as could possibly be.

      If you want to get into the question of “Sin” and whether or not that is the reason why God had to send His Son to die for us, I can give you all the relevant details on that, so can any good Christian Pastor. The Bible tells us, we are all sinners, none are good enough to make it to Heaven on their own power. What God did was to make a way so we could get there, but not on our terms, on His (through faith in His Son Jesus Christ).

      It sounds so odd and doesn’t seem to make sense at first glance, but when you think about it – you realize that “Oh! Of course God had to make the way for us.” We were created to be “Like God” in some respects, but limited in others. What God did was make up for our limitations (our “Sin” nature) so that we could in fact be restored to perfect relationship with Him.

      By the way, Christians don’t say that if something doesn’t make sense it should be outlawed, what we do say is that as a “Rule” we should not be sponsoring “Sin” or “Sinful” behavior (and homosexual behavior is “sinning” like so many other forms of sin). What people do is their own business, but the Government, whether the Federal Government, or the State or whatever should never condone “Sinful” behavior and make it legal just as an expedient for certain folks who want to justify their own behavior. Think about NAZI Germany where they made it “Legal” to kill Jewish people, nobody therefore broke any laws by killing those 6M Jewish folks.

      Think about abortion, where in our own Country, we have killed 55M babies in the womb because we declared that “Legally” they are not “People” (yet). Men in all their wisdom slapped some arbitrary definition of “Personhood” on that argument in order to “Legally” declare that an unborn child is not a “Person” yet. If they are not a “Person” then what are they?

      Science is seeking life on Mars, and they will be satisfied if they find some organic compounds or a few complex poly-peptides or something. They will be satisfied apparently if they detect those anywhere in the Universe, and they will call that “Life.” And yet, a human embryo in the womb is not considered “Alive” because of some arbitrary definition chosen by a panel of Judges about when a life-form attains some notion of “Person-ness?” To me that’s as non-sensical as gay “Marriage.”

      There can be no “Marriage” between two males or two females since the primary goals of “Marriage” are the procreation of offspring and perpetuation of the species. Historically, neither according to any form of “Science” or the Bible or any other argument is there any basis for saying that a homosexual marriage is a good thing. That’s why we will never find a gay “Gene” either, because it actually cannot exist. Genetically, any homosexual organism (truly genetically homosexual) would be dead in that very same generation in which it occurred. No two ways around that one. The fact that some humans think they can somehow buck genetics and scoff at God has nothing to do whatsoever with any rational thoughts in this Universe.

      That’s what it means when I say it doesn’t make any sense.

      • I appreciate your enthusiastic and informative response.

        Let me start out by saying I do not think the government should endorse anyone’s marriage. I think they should stay out of it. If people want to get married, as you say, it is their business. I also want to say that I don’t think homosexual relations make sense. But I am not a homosexual, so maybe there is something there that I missed.

        But Gay marriage does not affect the rights of anyone other than the gay couple. With genocide, however, the outcome is untimely death to a people group, this is a human rights issue.

        Same with abortion. If the fetus is a human (Which I believe it is, and would like to point out that in some states it is legal to kill the baby up to the point of delivery, and if it is not a human at the point of delivery, what the hades is it then?) then it is also a human rights issue, because the baby’s right to life is being taken away. These are situations where I think that it would be reasonable for the government to intervene. When a person’s rights are being taken away by force, or threat of violence.

        For the radical Muslim, it doesn’t make sense for women to go out in public without a hijab. Thankfully, however, we do not live in a Muslim theocracy, and Muslim religion does not determine the law. The same holds true for Christianity. The US is not a Christian Theocracy, and so the Christian teachings are meaningless when applied to the government.

        Last question: Would you be satisfied if the government did not endorse or disallow any type of marriage between consenting adults?

      • Hmmm…

        First question: Is marriage something in which the State (here I’m referring to the general notion of “State” in the Civic sense, not just a particular State as in one of the states of the United States) should have a legal interest?

        1. I think if we look back in history, we find quite a bit of vested interest in defining “Marriage” with a proper legal definition, as well as having laws governing who can be married and perhaps even attaching notions of why persons would want to marry. There are financial ramifications for marriage according to the “State” and therefore, at least in our modern world, the State chose to have a vested interest in legally tracking marriages.

        2. There are relational issues involving children and inheritance of properties for which the State also must have clear definitions and principles with which to act.

        3. There are issues related to survivorship, in other words, who cares for surviving spouses, and should there be provision for them legally and under what circumstances? This has profound impact for Widows, especially in a society where “Labor” is primarily manual and roles for men and women are more clear cut. What has happened in our modern society where we have more women in the workplace now, is that roles are less clear, but survivorship rules should still be considered part of the overall formula for the State’s definition of “Marriage.”

        There are likely many other reasons why the State should be involved in Marriage besides the notions we are discussing here involving so-called “Same sex” marriage. The next reason, below, is actually at the heart of this whole discussion.

        “But Gay marriage does not affect the rights of anyone other than the gay couple.”

        This is really the whole crux of the issue at hand. Does gay “Marriage” affect the rights of others? As I’ve tried to point out, so-called “Gay rights” and some sort of presumed “Right” for gay “Marriage” have nothing really at all to do with Civil Rights. There is always the ultimate “Freedom” in a free society to live any way you please, so long as it does not harm others. But as my friends over at the “Last Civil Right” so eloquently pointed out, gay “Rights” really have nothing at all to do with “Civil Rights” nor are they about “Freedom.”

        That’s entirely the point of this discussion. Folks are always running around assuming that Christians are pushing their “World view” on the rest of the world, when in fact all we are saying is “Consider” there may be something else out there, or we are cautioning people when they are buying into a lie such as the one we are now discussing. The reason we are discussing this issue is simply because gay rights do not in fact exist. There is no such thing!

        As I said above, a person is free to do and to act as they please – as long as it results in no harm to others. That is guaranteed in our “Civil Rights.” Gay people have no more “Right” than you and I to do anything other than use their freedom to do whatever they please. How could they somehow require more “Rights” to do anything else? It makes no sense. You simply have to think it through.

        Next, why is gay “Marriage” then a bad thing? Because it imposes a distorted view of reality on the rest of society, a view that is not based on anything known or approved of in any Scientific theory nor is it approved or condoned by any “Religious” authority known to exist. At some point, you have to have the discussion with yourself or with your friends, or whomever, as to whether there is any basis at all for morality outside of God. I have looked at that question backwards and forwards for many years and come to the conclusion there is no basis outside of God, a supreme being, whatever you want to call Him. If left up to man, it will always devolve down to a power struggle, and whoever has the largest club wins the argument – end of story.

        So, if, in fact, truly, the only basis for truly moral Law is that which was given to us by God, then you cannot argue in any way, shape or form that man can make Laws that contradict God’s Law. That’s why we had the 10 Commandments in almost every Court in our Land for the past 240 years (or so) and that’s why our society, which was founded on Christian principles, by people who knew and understood God’s Law, is fundamentally a Christian society. If, as we did in this Country about 50 or so years ago, you take God out of everything, there is nothing left but air. A “Vacuum” is left where all kinds of evil creeps in and tries to make itself appear legitimate on the basis of having vocal support (violence) in place of actual moral support anywhere else.

        I have tried to show, I hate to reiterate this, but repetition is a valid form of teaching, that homosexual behavior is a bad thing – according to Science, and it is morally wrong according to the Bible. Is it any worse than any other sinful behavior defined in the Bible? Than stealing? Than lying? Than adultery? No, of course not. The issue is whether or not the “Law” supports any of those, which it does not. One cannot then, take immoral behavior and make it “Legitimate” just because enough people want it so. Hitler made killing Jews “Legal” and therefore 6M Jews lost their lives. But, what he did was not according to God’s Law, it was “Man’s Law” that he made and exercised. Did you know that Hitler very carefully turned society against the Church and backed the Church into a corner in Germany and threatened them to make him the Messiah and that if they did not agree he would jail them? There were like 16,000 Pastors jailed in Germany who in the end analysis, would not do what Hitler ordered them to. Many of them died in Concentration Camps also. You should read Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

        Anyhow, that’s an aside to again argue that just because “Men” say something should be legal doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right.

        The article by my friends at The Last Civil Right goes to great lengths to prove that the hijacking of Civil Rights by gay activists is a very bad thing, and that we in fact should not listen to them at all, they are lying to us. Please, read that one carefully. It’s part of the whole set of evidence against this idea of gay marriage.

        In terms of abortion, I would stipulate that abortion is violence against a person. In fact, it’s murder, but ultimately that is for God to decide as well. I just side with Him on that.

        Now lastly, obviously we do not have a “Theocracy.” But, as I’ve argued, we must have God to have a “Rational basis” for morality. The Founding Fathers knew this, they all knew the Bible whether they believed it or not. The Declaration of Independence is filled with our Creator God. The framers of the Constitution knew that if they allowed “Religion” to be an issue, that one sect would fight against another continually for power. They tried to figure a way to keep that from happening, but their “World view” was still firmly and completely a Judeo-Christian world view! At that time, Islam was but a shadow of what it had been at one time, many probably felt it was dying out. Its resurgence in the 19th and 20th centuries have led to world-wide disaster. If you want to read more about Islam, I highly recommend:

        So, now finally, would I be “Satisfied if the Government did not endorse or disallow any kind of marriage?” In light of what I’ve just said, and in light of the fact that the Bible establishes “Marriage” as an Institution, I think the Government must be involved. There is really no choice, both again, from the Bible’s standpoint, and based on what we know scientifically about ourselves.

        You know, nobody’s published these statistics, but I can imagine, as can any rational thinking person, that homosexuals have a shorter lifespan than heterosexuals. It stands to reason that since most homosexuals have so many more sex partners (on average) that the incidence rate of STD’s must be that much higher, leading to early death for a variety of reasons. It’s surprising to me that Insurance companies do not spout statistics on this, they must be cowed into submission by the radical homosexual movement in our Country. I can only say that is a judgement on our Society as a whole, that nobody questions this probable “Fact.”

  3. When we’re arguing about homosexual “marriage” we’ve already conceded too much ground. We should never have conceded that homosexuality should be decriminalized in the first place and never leave unanswered the suggestion that homosexuality is at all moral. There is the natural argument against it. And the Biblical arguments. We need to make clear that the Bible repeatedly, emphatically and clearly denounces homosexuality. What the Word of God says about homosexuality:

    1. In Genesis 18 God says the sin of Sodom is “very grave” and then, in the next chapter, destroys the city for homosexuality; Jude 7 shows that Sodom was condemned for homosexuality;
    2. Leviticus 18:22, God calls it an “abomination” (detestable, abhorrent) and, in context, says that He judges all people, even those who don’t have His law, f they commit that and other related sins;
    3. Leviticus 20:13: God again calls it “abhorrent” (which is a general term for something disgusting) and gives the death penalty for it.
    4. Rom. 1:26f: God calls it “unnatural”, “shameful”, an “error” that deserves a “penalty”; there, in context, it is evidence of human depravity because people know it is wrong from nature but suppress the truth and do it anyway;
    5. 1 Corinthians 6:9, it is a sin that keeps everyone practicing out of the Kingdom of God. He even warns us “Do not be deceived!” by those who would tell us differently. Contrary to some of the false teachers, there are two words used for homosexuality, for both the passive and active role, and there is no legitimate doubt that they refer to homosexuality.
    6. 1 Tim. 1:9f God calls it a sin that needs the law to expose its sinfulness.

    • Agree. In discussing it, one must use the term, however, in order to talk about it in any real sense. So, while I agree there is no such thing as “Gay marriage” and that to apply the term “Marriage” to a homosexual relationship is ludicrous to begin with, I find I have to use the term in order to dismantle it.

  4. What are the Bible passages about homsexuality, and what do they actually say?

    Gen. 19:4–9
    “4 But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house. 5 And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.” 6 Lot went out to the men at the entrance, shut the door after him, 7 and said, “I beg you, my brothers, do not act so wickedly. 8 Behold, I have two daughters who have not known any man. Let me bring them out to you, and do to them as you please. Only do nothing to these men, for they have come under the shelter of my roof.” 9 But they said, “Stand back!” And they said, “This fellow came to sojourn, and he has become the judge! Now we will deal worse with you than with them.” Then they pressed hard against the man Lot, and drew near to break the door down. 10 But the men reached out their hands and brought Lot into the house with them and shut the door. 11 And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.

    “12 Then the men said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or anyone you have in the city, bring them out of the place. 13 For we are about to destroy this place, because the outcry against its people has become great before the Lord, and the Lord has sent us to destroy it.” 14 So Lot went out and said to his sons-in-law, who were to marry his daughters, “Up! Get out of this place, for the Lord is about to destroy the city.” But he seemed to his sons-in-law to be jesting.”

    Modern gay arguments against this passage say that it was “Rape” and not simply Sodomy that the Lord was angry with. If it were simply rape, then the men of Sodom would have taken Lot’s daughters and had their way with them instead. So, obviously there is something more than simple rape in this passage.

    The other passages are:

    Leviticus 18:22
    Leviticus 20:13

    Then there are several New Testament passages that deal with homosexuality directly:

    1 Corinthians 6:9
    1 Timothy 1:10
    Romans 1:24-27

    As well, there are many passages in the Old and New Testaments that deal with marriage, the sanctity of marriage between man and wife, how God designed it that way, and so clearly, any attempt to “Un-sin” this is simply wishful thinking, deluded thinking, or as it says in Romans 1:28: “… God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done..”

    Here’s a link to the “Answers In Genesis” Homosexual Marriage page.

  5. This pretty much blows all of your arguments out of the water:

    Lets point out the real issue:
    1. you, sir, are a bigot. This is a reality. All of your arguments against gays, whether it is a right to marry or otherwise, boil down to your own twisting of correct Scripture and sundry rationalizations and justifications. However, I am aware that there is no way to “prove” this point, other than come to logical conclusions based upon your own declarations. Please do not get angry at this point, and please continue to read, because I say this not in a spirit of hatred.

    2.Scripture can and has been used to justify all sorts of lies and nonsense, from slavery to killing children for being “disobedient.” Therefore, if my son refuses to listen to my counsel, you would support my being allowed to kill him, correct? Because the Bible expressly allows this. I may not know the specific book/verse numbers, but I have read and studied the entire Bible several times. There is no possible rationalization to accept and practice *some* Old Testament teachings, and not others. Jesus said that not one letter of the Law would pass away, and that he fulfilled the Law in total.

    3. This is the biggest thing: gay people and non-Christian people “MIGHT” take Christianity and church teachings about homosexuality a bit more seriously if:
    a) with equal furor and intensity you applied Biblical teaching to heterosexual couples cohabitating/ having sexual relations prior to marriage. This would apply to most adults living in the US right now – let’s say an even and conservative 50%. You’re telling me that focusing on a tiny, tiny percentage of homosexual people who want to get married would pervert the definition of marriage MORE than 50% of heterosexual persons who either never marry or practice sexual immorality prior to their then-spiritually-violated marriages?
    b) lived and believed and applied Jesus Christ’s specific teaching about divorce and remarriage of hetersexual persons (no valid reason for divorce/remarriage unless one partner specifically engages in sexual relations outside the marriage).
    c )you supported criminalizing ALL types of sin, not *JUST* homosexual sexual relations,
    d.)churches welcomed homosexual persons into their congregations in the hope of actually
    knowing and personally receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, rather than requiring homosexual people ALONE to *fix* their sinfulness prior to that transformational and eternal change. Congregations which do not reach out and welcome gay people are violating the Great Commision and therefore are in equal danger of hellfire and damnation as the gays which they are rejecting!
    e.) you admitted the truth that there are literally countless sin issues which are ignored by churches because if they enforced Biblical teaching then there would practically be NO congregant left in the church.

    In conclusion, contrary to your PERSONAL views/beliefs, there are MANY, MANY conservative Christians who have had the revelation that God loves gay people just the same as anyone, and that a TRUE examination of Scripture does NOT condemn gays. Being gay is not a “behavior” any more that your heterosexuality is a “behavior.” Sexuality is determined prior to age 3. Homosexuality is only a choice if you, sir, were actively attracted to both sexes in your childhood and actively, consciously CHOSE to be hetersexual.

    • “In conclusion, contrary to your PERSONAL views/beliefs, there are MANY, MANY conservative Christians who have had the revelation that God loves gay people just the same as anyone, and that a TRUE examination of Scripture does NOT condemn gays. Being gay is not a “behavior” any more that your heterosexuality is a “behavior.” Sexuality is determined prior to age 3. Homosexuality is only a choice if you, sir, were actively attracted to both sexes in your childhood and actively, consciously CHOSE to be heterosexual.”

      Of course God loves gay people. That has never been the issue. What is the issue is whether or not actively living in a sinful lifestyle will get you into Heaven. God sent His son Jesus Christ to die for ALL men. But, only those who truly believe in Him will have eternal life. True belief is not marked by continuing in a lifestyle of sin. True conversion is marked by a “Turning from sin” (repentance) and a turning towards God. In the past 100 years or so, we came up with the notion of “Cheap grace” (see Bonhoeffer for a good discussion on this in his _The Cost of Discipleship_) and we basically watered down the gospel to the point where anybody could “Pray a prayer” and be saved (have fire insurance). It’s too bad it doesn’t work that way. The true Christ, when He calls a man, bids him come and die, in order to gain eternal life. It means we give up that life of sin.

      Sexuality is determined by BIOLOGY at the time of fertilization! That’s Biology 101 man. ‘m not trying to be mean, I’m simply pointing out that in sexual organisms, in 99% of cases (there are mutations that cause some organisms to come out with both sets of sex organs) the male-ness or female-ness is pre-determined at the time of the sperm meets the egg. Any deviation from that is either an accident (mutation) or a choice by the organism in question to try to somehow deny or change what it is. It’s a CHOICE whether it was conscious (willful) or not. When I drive down a road and get to a fork in the road, if I choose left, then I agree I am making a choice. If, however, it was dark (or I had my eyes closed) and I saw no fork in the road, and still wound up on the left fork, then that’s every bit as much of a “Choice” as the other kind, it just wasn’t willful. In the same fashion, if I choose to go right, then the fact that I am “Not on the left fork” is my choice also, I simply willfully chose the other fork.

      There is no place in the Bible where homosexuality is either condoned or called anything other than sin, or an abomination, or deviance (a deviation from the normal). There is no rationalizing it that any other way. I read one feeble attempt to point out that the Sodomites were only guilty of attempted rape. If that were the case, they should have accepted Lot’s offer of his wife and VIRGIN daughter (they did not). They wanted the “Men” (who were in reality Angels) and wanted sex with them. That is pure and simple deviance and deviant behavior, no other conclusion. I am positive that 2000 years of Christianity has gotten homosexuality correct, and the Bible really wasn’t ever wrong on anything else (such as the flat earth theory) since the Bible never claimed the earth was flat. It simply says things the way we still say them: “The sun rose in the east.” or “The sun sets in the west.” Good science has always agreed with the Bible, and that’s why I point out that Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” (which is not the entire theory of evolution, but a part that we Christians do agree with) says the species must do everything it can to insure survival of offspring. Gay parents cannot even breed (normally). Gay parents, in fact, can only have offspring by stealing from other normal couples, or stealing sperm, or stealing eggs. No other way of looking at it.

      I pray the Lord opens your eyes to truth today. Christians don’t hate gay people. At least real Christians don’t. We all of us are sinners, saved by God’s grace. I still sin every day. Only Jesus could live on this earth and not sin. He was also God and the only one strong enough to be able to do it. But only God could do it, remain perfect and still go to the cross and be sacrificed for us (he had to be perfect in order to be an acceptable sacrifice). His blood, his sacrifice, covers us and makes us acceptable to His Father in Heaven, so we can get to Heaven. Did you know that’s what makes Christianity different from all other “Religions?” All those others claim we can get to Heaven on our own (we cannot). Only through Jesus’ atoning work on the cross are we enabled to get to have eternal life. The article I linked (by The Last Civil Right) above was written by a group that is African American, and they are telling about how Civil Rights were hi-jacked to try to support homosexual marriage. Remember, in the end, it’s not people who are denying you can have gay marriage, and it’s not just God either, it’s God, and Biology (which God created of course) that disallow gay marriage. It’s just not possible or healthy to promote such a thing from any perspective. Gay people are simply denying the laws of nature (as well as of God) in order to try to justify what they’re doing. And, from an outside perspective, it is seen for what it is: Rationalizing. Anytime you believe a lie, and make it part of your “Belief” system, then you are rationalizing.

  6. Something I wrote today:

    Science proves that sexual-dimorphism is the most efficient means to provide “Adaptation” (which in no way contradicts what the Bible teaches);

    Sexual dimorphism also allows for each and every individual of the species to be COMPLETELY unique, even if there are ZILLIONS of offspring from the original parents!

    If we accept the Bible’s premise that we were created and that our original parents had “Perfect” genome, and that the genome has been degrading ever since, then all those mutations and adaptations, and viruses and such have been adding to the genome in a way that is consistent with both of the assertions above.

    Lastly, male and female is how He created them, they CANNOT reproduce with m-m or f-f pairings, therefore, homosexuality is not supported by “Science” nor the Bible, because God created it the way He did in order to insure our SURVIVAL by adaptation and procreation by making lots of babies.

    In general, each generation has the capacity to be roughly 2x larger than the previous generation, effectively doubling the population each generation! Not quite as quick as fruit flies, but still pretty darned quick! This allows us to survive disease, wars, famines, etc… Again, all built into the DESIGN.

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