Political Thinking

The DMV – AND the USPS were held up as “Models” of efficiency and organization when Obamacare was being debated in Congress. I laughed so hard it hurt! There was a time when the USPS may have been great, but it certainly is not now. The software they use for package tracking was written by UPS. Innovation left the Government about the same time that Despots decided they could raise their own salaries whenever they wanted. It wasn’t money that good folks wanted, it was efficiency! An Engineer’s dream is to run things as tight as possible, fewest mistakes, highest quality, overall highest customer satisfaction, all that kind of thing. A paycheck is just what you take home at the end of the day. It’s utterly ridiculous what they’ve made of the Government. It’s filled with lazy bureaucrats who want nothing better than to fatten their wallets!

Oh, I have a great “Case in point.” The other morning, I was headed to workout early (on a Saturday). They had the “Public Service” section on the morning program on my favorite Jazz station. So, I listened for a bit. Until they had this dipstick Los Angeles City Councilman come on and talk about fixing the “10M potholes in LA County.” The guy was actually totally serious when he said they were “Going to form a committee to investigate the problem.” At that point, the DJ interrupted him to say “Uh, I think the problem is potholes, lots of them.” The Councilman then responded “Oh, but we have to know how many, how much manpower we need to solve this problem.”

It’s like Dude! Get a grip! He said they wanted to float a $3B bond to pay for fixing – you got it – POTHOLES! I was just stunned! The lunacy of that is just TOTAL – it’s INSANITY! You just hire a small crew, get them started, after 6 mos if you need more guys, hire a few more, until you start to make progress. You don’t sit around debating how many potholes there are! For crying out loud! That guy takes the cake for IDIOCY – but he’s just one of many politicians (especially here in CA) who think that way! Oh, we’re gonna create 20-30,000 jobs with this. GADS! We don’t need jobs, we need to get the stupid potholes fixed you DOLT!


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