Is Judgement Coming?

According to modern science, the Universe definitely had a beginning. This happens to agree with what the Bible has always told us. Again, according to science, the Universe will have an end. This also agrees with what the Bible says. More and more folks are waking up to the fact that we were not created in a vacuum. There is an “Intelligence” out there, atheists will tell you it’s aliens or some such nonsense. But I am here to tell you that God is coming back – to Earth.

Every single day brings his return one day closer. He’s coming. This time, it won’t be as the humble servant Shepherd who he was the first time. This time he is coming as the rightful King of the whole earth, in fact the whole Universe. He is still the same humble servant Shepherd he was the first time alright, but his role this time around will be entirely different. Rather than coming to show us the way to truth and how to live with right hearts for the Kingdom of God, he will be coming back to institute judgement on the whole earth, on men.

How can I be so certain? Simple – I know. But how does a Christian know what they know? Simple answer again: God told them. God, didn’t speak in my ear or in my heart, not directly anyhow. He does speak in an audible voice, and people still do hear him, even today in the 21st Century. But, God speaks quietly in your heart, he indwells you with the Holy Spirit and opens your eyes so you can see, and your ears so you can hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Until the Holy Spirit opens your heart to receive the message, it’s as much noise to your ears, you simply cannot understand it. Why does God pick broken souls such as me to save? If you knew me, you’d know the depth of my brokenness, and the guilt of all my crimes against others and myself. So, why does he choose to pick broken people, save them, forgive them and start them on a path towards being used as saints in his Kingdom? The simple answer, as I’ve been learning, is for his glory.

God doesn’t need us. He didn’t create us because he “Needed” something. Get that notion right out of your head. We don’t “Serve” God as if he needed us to get something for him. He is whole, holy, complete, and without needs or wants. He created us, because it made him happy to do so. He gave us the capacity for relationship and fellowship in order that we might get to know him, and we could worship him, because that pleases him also. Anything we do, that recognizes his grace and mercy and his greatness in our lives brings him glory.

We pray, because we admit we are powerless and weak, and that we need his divine help to help us in a situation, in our world, wherever, whenever, however. And he answers prayer. My wife has prayer journals – many of them, filled with prayers, all of them answered. They are not always answered positively. Not by any means. But they all get answered.

If you are at all interested in the notion that “The Kingdom of God is near.” Then I invite you to ask questions. Ask a Pastor of a local church. Ask people who might know, because it would probably be best not to ask people off the street. I invite you to ask me. I will be happy to help you find a church in your local community where you can find answers.

Specifically, many of us want to know:

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Where am I going when I die?

Is there a God?

Is there somebody I can trust?

If God is good, then why is there evil?

A good Pastor can help you with all those questions. I also invite you to try to get satisfactory answers to those questions anywhere else. Nobody else besides Christians have any answers at all to those questions (answers that might make sense to a Westerner anyhow). Atheists in fact, have no answers to any of those questions! Question 1: “Who am I?” Atheist answer: “Slime.” Oh boy, those folks have a long ways to go!

May God bless you this day. I pray that you will find what you seek this day. In Jesus’ name.


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