Why Are We Still Talking About Illegal Aliens?



Somebody on Facebook asked the question about whether being an Illegal Alien makes you a criminal?

I wrote a somewhat rambling response, but did get around at the end to wondering why we’re still talking about Illegal Aliens?

Here’s my response:


Being “Illegal” does mean that you have broken laws. These are the laws that Conservatives have been screaming about for years – that are NOT being enforced! Offering “Blanket” amnesty to those who are here illegally is no solution, it’s just a way to buy more votes for the party in power now in the Whitehouse and Senate.

I keep telling people, they love to make new laws, there’ve been what, with Obamacare about 30k-40k new laws, regulations, codes, etc… that will have to be followed and enforced, all to the rejoicing of the WH, while we the people groan and grimace under more weight of new laws that are burying us in a sea of bureaucracy. There is enough red-tape in DC now to, by stealing the President’s words from his first debate against the very capable Mitt Romney “Go around the planet.”

But, we must believe that is their intent, since they have shown no inclination to simplify anything – as Ronald Reagan did when he took office. I say it again, the guy in the WH is simply out to ruin our country – at ALL costs! The only way to make it so that the UN can be in charge everywhere is by having the US decline. We are already nearly standing alone. Our former allies have all pretty much succumbed to mind-numbing debt and crisis mode management to deal with the threat of Muslim extremists who are gradually tightening their grip on the Middle East and building a rather alarming threat against Israel.

Pretty soon, in spite of whatever this President says, Israel will stand alone. I make it less than 2 years – give or take. I question everything I hear from the MSM and the WH these days.

I questioned yesterday about the startling revelation that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have gone from record losses to record profits – in ONE year! HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN? Can anyone explain that? There hasn’t been that much of a housing recovery, not really. Are that many folks refinancing to take advantage of the lower rates and those guys have a piece of every single one of those loans just about? Is that it?

If that is the case, then we are truly still screwed because the recovery drags on, double-clutching and not really ever taking off. Europe has stalled, and all it’s gonna take is one major crisis and the world markets will tumble again. I’m no alarmist, I just don’t like what I see out there, the signs are all pointing negative, while the stock market and the finance market appear to be in a “Bubble.”

And we’re still talking about Illegal Aliens, how many years after that guy got elected and vowed to do something about it?


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