Rodney King Riots



Los Angeles is a pretty incredible place. When you think that in the last census there are 13M people living all in one city, and that’s just the legal ones! There are estimates that put the number of illegal aliens living in Los Angeles as high as 4M! That’s like 30% more folks! So, now flashback about 20 years with me, back to 1991.

My first wife and I bought a house in North Long Beach, it was practically the only place in Los Angeles County where we could afford to buy a house, and where we thought we’d be safe bringing up our kids. We were right under the flight path at Long Beach Municipal Airport, right off Cherry Ave. and Carson St. We had this little cracker box house… anyway, we lived there for a few years, we were strapped, that was the time of double-digit interest rates, and we paid through the nose for that little house, we were broke, and hungry and struggling all the time.

That wasn’t the half of it though. We kept looking around, thinking “Los Angeles is not really a very nice place to bring up kids.” We would hear automatic gun-fire at night, coming from Compton (the next city to the North of North Long Beach) and my wife would say to me “Was that fireworks?” and I’d say “Yeah, that was fireworks.” Eventually, it got to us, and we decided to pack up and move – to Seattle. She got a job offer that would move us up there, pay our move, help us find a house and all. It was too tempting to not take.

So, we packed up the house into a moving van, and they took our 2nd car as well, then we piled two dogs, two kids, and us into my old Jeep and headed north. Now, get this: We were on the road driving on Hwy. 101 somewhere or other, our 2nd day on the road when we pulled into a Gas Station and the guy finds out we are from Los Angeles and he says: “Oh, what do you think about the 3,000 fires in Los Angeles?” What the HECK?????

We turned on the news, and found out all about it of course. We started making those panic phone calls to friends and relatives trying to find out if everyone is OK. Turns out, the K-Mart down the street from where we live was torched – three times! They tried to burn down a K-Mart! Can you believe it? I watched the video of Rodney King being beaten, and I just couldn’t believe it. I kept saying to him, stay down dude, just listen to the Police! Then, he’d get back up again at which point they’d beat him some more. To this day, I am POSITIVE he was on some kind of powerful drug such as PCP. Nobody takes a beating like that and gets back up unless they’re totally whacked out. It was just incredible!

The rest is, as they say, history. I am, or was a drug addict, and I can recognize when somebody is stoned outta their gourd, and that guy was FLYING! Whoever ran his blood tests at the hospital changed his tests, switched samples, something. It was all over the news so quickly that somebody did something funny with his blood samples. Then, the entire city just erupted right away anyhow, it pretty much didn’t matter. I don’t understand to this day how the timing worked that we got outta there just before it happened, I guess God was watching over us, even though I, personally, did not become a believer in Jesus Christ until about 4 years later.

The riots were awful, looting, killing, burning, all the worst stuff of mankind wrapped into one long drawn out nightmare. I heard that in Long Beach they were making prank calls to get the Fire Department to respond, then they were shooting Firemen off the back of Fire Trucks. Can you imagine? That is just evil! I already mentioned the K-Mart down the street from us, it was so close to our house! It still freaks me out – to this day. Then, last year, a fellow came from Department of Homeland Security and spoke to our local CRA (California Republican Assembly) and told us something startling.

What he said was that the Koreans, who had many little corner and other small grocery and liquor stores, those people armed themselves. The men grabbed their AR-15 rifles and went up on the roof of the buildings. The wives grabbed two flashlights and went out and stood in front of the stores. When someone would drive by slowly and stop in front of their store, the women would shine a flashlight in their face, and then shine the other flashlight on their husbands on the roof who had their guns pointed at the people in the vehicles. Point made. Not one single Korean grocery store was looted, robbed, burned or in any way harmed!

Is that amazing? What does it take therefore to have Law and Order? When there are no Police, and there are no Fire Fighters, and Society has broken down, it takes Citizens to arm themselves and protect themselves from those who would do them harm, either to their property or their lives. Thus, we were guaranteed the RIGHT to keep and bear arms in this Country for just such an eventuality and that RIGHT shall not be infringed!


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