The End Of Civilization

We live in an age where Secular Humanism is dominating our Nation’s politics. The issue becomes, as Chuck Colson so capably pointed out, whether or not you can reason about “Truth” with folks who don’t believe there is any other truth than their own. Secularism naturally devolves into Relativism in a hurry, and then it always becomes a matter of “He who has the most violent argument wins.”
As has been well pointed out by many in the Conservative camp, the arguments that come from the left are neither logical, nor are they even rational sometimes. They are just violent. We see this evidenced in the “Issues” of our times as well. The so-called “Fight” for Gay Rights. Like, are you trying to tell me that Gay people deserve _more_ rights than straight people? Or are you trying to tell me that a Gay relationship is the same as a man and a woman?
Darwin didn’t think so, and basically he agreed with what the Bible says. Darwin’s Theory of “Survival of the Fittest” (generally accepted as truth, even by Christians) says that a species must do everything to produce offspring in order to insure the survival of the species. This is also the best argument against Abortion (besides the fact that it is Murder), the other critical issue of our times. You don’t have to read too far or study too many statistics to determine that the folks who argue for Abortion are on a genocidal path, since black babies are six times more likely to be aborted than the general population!
It’s not about choice, it’s not about freedom, it’s about the systematic breakdown and destruction of the moral fabric of society in order to mold society into the image of the minds of warped and depraved individuals. We call that “Self-justification” at best or “Tyranny” at worst, and not only is it wrong, it spells the end of a Civilization. It must be fought, resisted, and turned back at every single opportunity.

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