Radical Power

The Whitehouse admitted to a lie yesterday.  So, that’s one admitted lie, out of 28,349. We have work to do people! Each one will slowly win people over to the Conservative side. Gradually, we will win the hearts of the people in this country back. They’ve been deceived and bought with “Beads” and now it’s time for them to hear truth and a fresh perspective.

Our plan is partly based on the fact that we don’t want our country to run into the dumper of strapping our grandchildren down with so much debt that they have no chance of ever digging out. That is hopelessness. We must present hope. The only hope and the greatest hope in the Universe that I know of is the Lord. It’s the only way I know that really works, to give something positive for people to focus on. If you let folks sit in their own misery, they will grab on to “False” hope (and false Messiahs) as long as they don’t know the real truth.

There are a lot of Ideologies floating around out there these days, most of them devolve down into putting “Myself in charge.” The problem there, of course, is what the Bible calls Idolatry. Serving yourself is the same as being against God. Folks like Dr. Ben Carson make no apologies for the belief in and discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ. He tells a Christian what to do each day. He gives us our marching orders. Only by following and aspiring to something greater than ourselves can we ever seek to rise above the mire of our daily struggles.

There is no comfort in Secular Humanism, only self-serving and destructive behaviors such as Abortion and Drugs and all sorts of negative and destructive influences over us that do nothing to satisfy any of our real needs. Life, in its essence, is not about “Self Actualization” (the mantra of our generation), rather it is about finding the true source of power in this Universe and tapping into it to really make a difference in people’s lives! Only by humbling ourselves, and submitting our will to his can we hope to find his power and see it manifested in our lives.

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