Global Weirding

I posted a couple times on Facebook recently that we’ve seen hail here in Manhattan Beach this winter.  I lived here growing up and never saw hail.  I lived here – in the area – until I was 30.  I had never seen hail in Manhattan Beach before in all that time.  We had hail again in the storm the other night!  That’s three times this year – this winter!

I don’t believe for a second that there is such a thing as “Global Warming.”  I do believe there is variation in climate, the Bible says so, and the Geologic Record points to the fact there have been Ice Ages, followed by periods of warming.  As recently as 150 years ago, following the eruption of Krakatoa (in Indonesia, near the Island of Java) there was so much ash put into the atmosphere that the earth cooled significantly and climate was effected world wide for many years, perhaps as much as 50 years.  Scientists recently conducted a study that proved ash from volcanoes has a climatological effect.  Duh!  Don’t they study history?  Actually, apparently they do not.

Branches of “Science” can barely see out of their own trenches any longer, they have isolated themselves to the point where they think they know lots about something, but they really know very little, because they don’t put their “Knowledge” into the big picture of how all things work together.  It’s obvious that the Earth is a series of interlapping or over-lapping systems that work together to cause “Climate.”  It’s not one thing, it’s many.  The sun has an impact, and so does the moon, and possibly other bodies in our Solar System have some bearing on our climate.  It has been theorized that comet strikes on earth cause changes in climate, and possibly so do large meteor strikes.  All these things are “Possible.”

Being a Bible believing Christian doesn’t make me blind to these processes.  “Good” Science has been shown to always agree with the Bible.  For instance, the Bible doesn’t say the Earth is flat, or that the Sun revolves around the Earth.  It does say the Sun rises and sets, but so do we – still – to this day!  It’s just the way we talk about the Sun. The sun, appearing from our human-centric perspective, seems to move from one horizon to the other over the course of a day.  Then, of course, we still say it “Comes up” again the following day.  The Bible doesn’t say it any differently than we do.

So, what’s my point here?  It’s so arrogant, so ARROGANT! To assume that man, who’s been producing machines and burning oil and coal for about 200-250 years can cause our planet to have problems! If we read and believe the Bible, then God put us here to dominate and create order. If we believe what Science tells us (and both may actually be true folks) then this planet has been here about 4.5 BILLION years, and habitable for life for at least 90% of that time, and habitable by HIGHER life for about 600-800 MILLION years. Folks, it’s the PINNACLE of ARROGANCE to assume that we humans are so bad (or good, depending on who you talk to) that we can actually cause the entire planet to have trouble in that short a span of time.

There just simply is not enough evidence to support the idea that Man causes Global Warming, or in fact, anything other than local climatic variation.  Even that is a stretch.  Did “Man” cause the hail that I’ve seen three times here in Manhattan Beach this year?  Ha!  No way.  Not only no, HECK no!  That’s simply impossible, and as I said above, the HEIGHT of folly to even think so!  Fools are what I call those who follow the bad “Science” behind Global Warming.  To observe a HUGE system and come to the conclusion that a little tiny input into the system is causing massive change is simply bad science, foolish conclusions and idiotic theories.  If I haven’t disproved them here, I’m sure that somebody could easily crunch the numbers and show that the total impact on an annual basis of all the CO2 or whatever we put in the atomosphere that is so bad is really just a hundred-thousandth of a percent of the factors that “Might” influence climate at any one time.  That’s like 0.0001% in my estimation.  The Sun has far more influence than that, and we are now entering a portion of the Solar cycle apparently when there are massive solar storms, and the theory behind that is that we will see cooling over the next few years on Earth as a result.

There is more “Cause-effect” relationship between the Sun and the Earth than there is between Man and Earth.  Putting Man on top is simply Secular Humanism at its worst.


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  3. Comment on an article I saw on Human Events:

    Excellent. Great gathering of all the disparate sources on this topic. I’ve “guessed” that CO2 effects were minimal, or negligible, and that it was foolish or “Human-centric” to think that man, having been here such a short time could have any real impact on global weather. This article pulls together all the resources to prove that, as well as debunks the massive “Global-warming” mindset. In fact, it proves “Global-warming” as a result of CO2 emissions to be a myth, or bad science, since in fact the reverse is more likely the case – that warming causes increased atmospheric CO2! I laughed when I read that.

    I am saddened to read, however, that “Global warming, as a political vehicle, keeps Europeans in the driver’s seat and developing nations walking barefoot.” That, in a nutshell, is the real impetus behind the “Progressive’s” use of Global-warming, to keep control in their hands, to continue to wield the “Big stick” to smash developing nations down and keep them underfoot. I suspected as much, especially with all the foo-fer-all about Carbon Credits and all that nonsense. We have work to do people!

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