America Is Being Systematically Looted

America is being systematically looted.  I give you the following:

1. About 25 years ago (give or take) we got the Lottery (again).  Rich folks don’t play the Lottery.  It is offered to poor and Middle Class who would rather “Get rich quick” than do hard work.  It is FALSE HOPE.  Folks spend the rent money and the “Milk” money to buy lotto tix when jackpots are big.

2. We have seen the proliferation of “Quick Cash” establishments in the past 20 years or so.  These people offer the temptation of quick cash for a fee.  The “Fees” turn out to be OUTRAGEOUS, often amounting to 100-150% interest – or MORE!  They are draining the pockets of inner-city folks and keeping them perpetually broke.  A Mayor was elected a few years back to the City of Hawthorne whose sole plank in his platform was a promise to make it so there would be more Check Cashing establishments on Hawthorne Blvd.!

3. In the past few years we have seen the rise of “Cash For Gold” establishments.  These people offer the temptation to “Sell your family gold for quick cash!”  Folks are having to take their jewelry to get money to pay bills.  Their liquid wealth is being disposed of and sold to folks who have lots of cash to buy it up (Saudi Arabia, foreign banks, etc…).

4. We have guys high up in the current Administration telling people to “Spend our way into recovery.”  Spend money you don’t have.  That’s what a “Stimulus” is, spending borrowed money (it’s borrowed from our grandchildren) to buy ourselves more stuff.  Who needs more stuff?  Granted a lot of folks have to pay bills with that borrowed money.

5. We have a President in the Whitehouse who cares nothing about Budgets, or putting a realistic limit on the amount of money HE CAN SPEND to puff himself up and “Try to save the Country.”  He’s not saving the Country, he’s bankrupting it.  Who stands to benefit if the Country goes broke?  HE DOES!  Well, I should say, him and his cronies, the “Uber rich” who finance him, such as George Soros, and Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and so on.  And it’s pretty much them alone.  He (the President) will continue to lay blame on everyone else and claim he did everything he could to restore the markets while systematically causing us all to go broke.  If the money you’re spending always belongs to somebody else, either you run out of their money, or if you have the capacity to print money as he does, he simply makes more and makes our money less valuable.  Our money’s “Real” value is very small anyhow – and getting smaller every day.  Since there is no “Standard” backing up our money, the only thing backing it is inflation.

6. We are nearing the point where as much as half of the Country are living off the other half – who work, earn money and create wealth for a living.  That wealth is being redistributed in a Socialist fashion to insure that many of the parasitic half don’t have to work.  This is evidenced in the proliferation of organizations within the Government who have the same functions or overlapping roles, and all are very inefficient and many don’t do anything constructive at all except keep getting themselves pay raises and large Pensions.  All you have to do is ask yourself:  “Why is the Federal Government so heavily involved in the education of Kindergartners?”  In reality, they should have nothing to do with Education.  Education is a State’s responsibility and the obligation to rear our children and educate them should rest solely in the States.

7. In the month of January, 2013, when we supposedly were generating so much oil domestically that we are now “Net Exporters” of oil, we spent $44B in foreign trade gap to bring oil into this Country!  Folks – that is stuff we simply BURN UP in our cars!  It’s LUDICROUS to think they are balking at pipelines and more drilling projects when we are sending money to Governments that support TERRORISM in order for them to ship us stuff that we simply shove in our cars and BURN!

8. Big companies like GE continue to dismantle our production capacity here in the US and send our technology, including weapon’s technology overseas to China for manufacturing!  The Intellectual Property alone represented by the BILLIONS of dollars in technology they send overseas is irreplaceable!

Add it all up – it’s either INSANITY and out of control, or it’s a Systematic plan to drain the wealth(and power)  from America and turn us into a “Formerly great nation.”  There is no other option there I’m afraid.  I urge you all to examine these things and decide for yourselves whether we are being lied to – from the top down – about what is really going on here.


One thought on “America Is Being Systematically Looted

  1. Goodness, I forgot one of the BIG issues that made me really realize the extent of the Conspiracy that’s going on. It was for that reason I wanted to sit down and write it out so folks would start to realize that we are in trouble. My mother watches a lot of TV these days, and those advertisements featuring Robert Wagner, Henry Winkler and others are on all the time touting the wonders of “Reverse Mortgages.” I’m here to tell you that if you have to drain the wealth from the equity in your home just to pay bills or support your “Lifestyle” then you are being hood-winked into taking your money out of your pocket just to give it to someone else!

    Unfortunately, the reality is that many elderly live on fixed incomes, and because of inflation, they are forced to take the money out and spend it. Their home becomes their savings. I can’t say I agree with that, but I do understand it. What it means though, is that our consumer driven economy is making it such that with inflation the way it is people cannot live on fixed incomes. Inflation, real inflation, chews up any such notions about living on fixed incomes and makes it such that you must have more cash to either: 1. Live at the same level of comfort you’ve had; or 2. Live in the same home you’ve owned for many years.

    My mother lives in Manhattan Beach, in California. We have lived with her for the past 2 years. The only reason we’ve been able to stay here is because we are here basically rent free. We’ve been taking most of my paycheck from the job I started in 2011 to pay down debt. We are pretty much on track to have our debt paid off in about 2 more years at the rate we’ve been paying it down. Our situation is not unique, and we have our share of responsibility (in fact total responsibility) but there are factors that caused us to be broke and have to live off Credit Cards after 9/11.

    Cheryl and I don’t have a “Savings” account in the form of a house anymore. We don’t have a mortgage either. My mother has been able to stay in her house all these years (over 51 years) because they passed some common sense legislation in Sacramento back in the 1970’s when housing prices were soaring. They were reassessing property each year and property taxes would jump 30-40% sometimes 50% in a single year! That was killing folks who live off fixed incomes! They were literally having to get out of their homes to save their shirts. Many lost homes back then, but Proposition 13 was passed, which limited the amount by which taxes could rise each year to around 2%. Even that is tough for some. Anyhow, Proposition 13 is really the only reason why my mother has been able to stay in this home all these years. She lives on a fixed income basically, and has no recourse if her bills should change by 10-15-20% in one year.

    The scary thing about that is the democrats control Sacramento now, and Governor Moonbeam (Brown) has vowed to repeal Proposition 13. The Governor of Colorado convinced voters a few years back to repeal TABOR (Tax-Payers Bill Of Rights) and allow them to increase taxes at will without recourse from “The people.” How these folks carry out their nefarious deeds is still a mystery to me. How they convince folks (they lie to them) that more taxes is a good thing is just a mystery to me. Taxation causes increase in water rates, increase in electricity rates, increase in gas rates, those in turn hit home-owners so they must get more money to pay for those increases.

    The system is rigged for “Big Government” and their cronies who, over the years have voted themselves huge salary increases (there are like 650 managers in Los Angeles who earn more than the Governor) and pensions. The Unions have colluded with politicians in this, because they stand only to gain by rubbing elbows together with such as can guarantee them lucrative salaries and excellent working conditions (lots of holidays, paid travel time to and from job sites, generous pensions, etc…).

    I say it again: America is being systematically looted and drained of wealth to support a few who have nothing better to do than rob from the people to line their pockets. They were put in power to serve us, but they only served themselves. We need to do a better job at overseeing what goes on in Congress, State Capitols, Cities and Counties. The current President came into power on promises of “Transparency” and “Accountability.” Those are both jokes. He has been neither. Instead we have to have Junior Senators stand up in the Senate for almost 13 hours to Filibuster and make the point that “NO TYRANT IN THE GOVERNMENT CAN VIOLATE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION FOR ANY REASON!”

    Now, we just need to bring enough truth to light to let folks know that we are being reduced to slavery by the systematic draining of our wealth. If enough wealth can be “Redistributed” to the few who have power, since that is where the wealth is really going, it’s not going to the poor, they just spend what they get (bottom up economics is a terrible model for how an economy works) and that winds up going mostly to the pockets of the rich and powerful, then they will be able to continue to dictate to us how we should live. We will sacrifice our “Freedom” in the end, for beads.

    So LISTEN people! Educate yourselves! Read what the Tea Party is saying! Join Conservative organizations and PARTICIPATE! We are being looted and reduced to slavery! Wake up before it’s too late!

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