Letter To A Friend

A friend posted a link on Facebook about Al Franken wanting to make a Constitutional Amendment to dismantle Citizens United.

This is my response.

Senator Franken, “Al” is being used by the left to attack an organization that is doing a lot of good in America. Recommended reading: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/01/20/AR2011012005149.html

The “Progressives” are going to run this country into the ground with their liberal policies, making folks dependent on Government, while robbing future generations. More recommended watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hhJ_49leBw

Neither of those are “Fictions” they are filled with facts and statistics that prove the left is systematically dismantling America and fostering dependency, while at the same time refusing to do anything about making America either good or competitive again. They started many years ago taking over the education system in this country and have now succeeded in producing an entire generation brain-washed from infancy to believe that we should have larger more powerful centralized government that takes care of you from birth to earth, even possibly deciding whether or not you should be born (abortion) and whether you are too sick to take care of any longer (death panels).

Those things are now a reality in this nation, and I’m afraid we all of us let it happen. The horses have left the barn, it’s on fire while we are still running around trying to find hay to feed them! Getting involved in Conservative politics and issues has really opened our eyes to the destruction coming on America in a hurry. California is a hurting place. Detroit, in the video above, looks like a ghost town, and is about on the verge of “TOTAL” collapse. They are broke. Believe it or not many large cities in America are in the same position. Baltimore is nearly in the same boat, and Los Angeles is also coming in close behind those other two.

There’s probably a few others that are near collapse from the weight of their public sector pensions – unfunded liabilities that we let the Unions build that they always put off to “Tomorrow” (the famous Mexican word Manana doesn’t quite come out right in this sense). America is on the verge of going under, due to the weight of spending in Washington. It’s out of control, the train is still moving at 100MPH, headed for a crash, while everyone is toasting the President on his victory and folks are suffering everywhere. Oh, I have one more article you must read, from a Rabbi in NJ.


The whole “Leftist” agenda is to gradually take over things, so slowly that nobody knows what is happening. Hitler did the same thing, and you gotta realize we’re facing exactly the same thing in this country! He’s moved much faster than anybody imagined in just 4 years he managed to systematically take apart the Constitution. “No Free Speech Zones” and an Internet Kill Switch were just two of the pieces he needed. Getting Congress to give him TOTAL emergency power…

Firing up folks and telling them that Christians are bigots, and zealots, and homophobes, and whatever else he and his goons call us, it’s despicable. It’s utterly unthinkable that a President would bring Muslims in and tout them as “Nice people” and “Totally enlightened” and mis-understood while throwing Christians (and Jews! and Israel) under the bus. I tell you Don (not his real name), the guy in the Whitehouse may not be the worst President we’ve ever had, but I’m here to tell you – his plan has been all along to ruin America. Simple as that.

If you ruin the Government financially, and drain the coffers of succeeding generations, and you make it so that we owe every other government in the world, and then you cause some kind of global catastrophe (it’s coming, believe me, it’s coming) then you are ripe to take over EVERYTHING – in a totalitarian sense. He’s setting himself up as “The Savior” just like Hitler did. All he needs to do is generate the right “Emergency” and he can take over everything, all business, all schools, EVERYTHING. It’s already a done deal, it’s LAW. He has his buddies puffing themselves up in the MidEast (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria) the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over.

The Muslims in the rest of Africa are also on the move. Visit a web site called “The Religion of Peace” to read about Jihad – going on EVERY SINGLE day! The world is falling apart, and Al Franken tells you to fight those weirdos and make a Constitutional amendment against Conservatives, you better do your diligence and read what they’re trying to protect (me, you, citizens and the Constitution) and from whom they’re trying to protect us.


Now, do your homework, please. I still think very highly of you and care for you and your family very much. I pray today that you’ll hear what I’m saying. Simply put, next to Jesus, and the Gospel, the message I’m trying to get across to you today is of next-most vital importance! Our country is in dire trouble!

Oh, and if you want to find out about a decent American who told it straight to our President the other day at the National Prayer Breakfast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6NU1giRA

Now that guy has some great ideas!


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